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  1. Didn’t even make it to the first car payment… cracked windshield

    Been out of town the past few days and my wife has been using my Bronco because I took her Escape to the airport. She sends this to me She felt terrible that it happened when she had it…I was expecting this to happen, but not before I made the first payment on it! So she’s taking the lead on...
  2. Sticker on Hardtop lift glass

    Anyone else notice this? Close up- Not sure if that is an S or a 5...but Ford sold 46,161 Broncos as of the end of last month (got mine Memorial day weekend)...
  3. Kicker Key 500 Amp install question

    My Plug n Play harness should be showing up today in the mail, but I had a question-How are you providing power to the Key 500 Amp? Are you tapping into the battery or someplace else?
  4. Couple Questions on Audio Install

    Well I'm currently waiting for my Plug and Play Harness to show up for my audio upgrade-I had a couple questions: Does anyone have shop manual photos of removing the interior trim on the passenger side door openings? I was planning on running my connector to the rear sub down this way. I have...
  5. Stupid ForScan question

    I know due to the current geopolitical situation that you can't get a License for Forscan, so with that said-I'm assuming you can make changes to the Bronco for two months with the trial package?
  6. Ford Spare Tire cover

    I see it is for 32" tires, but will it fit over a 33" tire? I was planning on upgrading down the road, and don't want to have to replace it when that happens.
  7. Question on Audio upgrade

    I'm slowly collecting my stuff for my audio upgrade-using the Kicker Key200.4 and Key500 amps in my setup-would it be worth my while to add this to my setup at all?
  8. Sherminiator's Big Bend build

    So you might remember me from this Update-Situation fixed-So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN: Or the cliff notes version 2021 Staff Pick: A Bronco Reservation Holder Tried To Go Up Against A Ford Dealer Over A Markup And Lost (Update) So I figured its time...
  9. Color Overlays for AC Tabs

    You offer a couple different reds-matched to the Reds on the Bronco-which of them is closest the red that the sticker inlays are in? I'm using red as an accent color for my Bronco and wanted to get a set.
  10. 4 Wheel Parts Fender Deletes -- how's your paint holding up?

    For you that have them-how is your paint holding up? Do you have mudflaps installed?
  11. DIY PPF-where to buy?

    Been looking at getting a precut kit for my Bronco when it comes in Anyone have suggestions where to get it from?
  12. Stock Tire life expectations?

    I'm coming from owning performance leaning vehicles (outside of my current beater) where tires are lucky to last 30-40K...with that said, what are the expectations of tire life for what is coming out of the factory? I'm getting a non-sas Big Bend if that helps at all.
  13. Order tracking for non-reservation orders...

    So looks like you can track your 2022MY order if you have a VIN and your order number here: I have an estimated build date of April 11th. I'll see if I get an email from Ford prior to that. So far its slipped 2 weeks since the first one I got.
  14. Tamiya releasing a 1/10 RC 2 Door Bronco

    First Edition to boot! even has a mythical roof rack that its real life version can't have :p
  15. Any new news on Westabo setting up another plant for Bronco top production?

    During the shitshow last fall with the Bronco MIC top debacle going on, one of the articles mention that Westabo was setting up another plant to make MIC tops for the Bronco. I haven't seen any updates since then?
  16. Dealers WILL be held accountable by Ford for Bronco sales shenanigans

    From someone I know that works at a dealership: I also received an interesting phone call the other night about this-I'll share more at later date about it.
  17. Bronco gifts from Ford

    Curiosity has gotten the better of me-I'm still receiving "gifts" from Ford-just got the calendar this morning, but "technically" I've taken delivery of my Bronco (which I haven't-no need to bring that shitshow back up and someone else has it) So is this something just for reservation holders...
  18. Non-reservation holders 2022 Bronco order question

    For those that have placed an order for a 2022 Bronco that where not reservation holders, has anything populated under your Ford account since you placed your order? All I got so far was an email from Ford saying my Bronco has been ordered and well my Ford account still shows my 2021...
  19. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    I wanted break this out because the other thread has gotten toxic and share the good news. The end result is that I will be buying a 2022 Bronco at MSRP from DCH Ford of Eatontown. The reason I did this both the GM and I had a good conversation earlier in the morning and cleared the air about...