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  1. full power KC flex 3's as fog lights in the modular bumper pocket?

    So i have KC flex 3's and i saw a mock up from one of these shows that KC is planning a bracket to mount them in the slits on the modular bumper. But what are the legal issues with this? i found out late (after i ordered them) that its not exactly legal to use these lights on roads. However im...
  2. are there any good front mudflaps yet?

    the ford ones are a bit.... expensive.... Want to protect the side of my car , especially if im getting PPF
  3. If you could tell ford 5 things to improve the "next gen" factory bronco update. What would they be?

    Seeing as we are heading into year 2 now of the bronco. Eventually ford will head to the drawing board and update the car inside and out like jeep has been doing with the wrangler every few years(JK to JL) so what are some hard changes that you would like to see with the bronco in 5+ years when...
  4. 2021 Bronco on 40s eats rocks alive

    2021 Ford Bronco “BroncBuster” built by 2 FAT GUYS OFF-ROAD running 40” Stickey Mickey Thompson Baja Pro X, with a 2” lift and other custom made features that make it a really cool LSG (Low Center of Gravity) build
  5. Does anybody *in the know* have any news about the modular hard top?

    Im not speaking simply about when its coming out , thats sort of irrelevant to me. Im speaking features. The last thing we heard officially is that you can take out the windows and apparently add your own "panels" instead. However back in january this image came out that showed the 2 door...
  6. badlands standard 33s? Too thin for the beach?

    During the first major demos of the bronco out at king of the hammers they kept mentioning that they didnt really even have to air down the tires for the loose sand part. Im going to be on a beach most of the time and im basically priced into the standard 33's Is it because of the tire width...
  7. Retro Wheels/aluminium and offroading?

    So i have fallen in love with this look of wheel as im setting up a retro look for my bronco 2 door with white accents. And im shopping around and so far the best "match" i have found has been these from fifteen 52. However they are aluminum wheels and i have no idea if they would be suitable...
  8. Instead of later. How about an answer from ford on if the color I ORDERED wont be on the car in 22?

    So i was fully expecting to be my22 since i have heard nothing regarding my order. That was fine. However the gut punch is that they are apparently getting rid of antimatter blue and other colors. Now that everyone has been pushed off to my22. I think the minimum ford can do is tell us if this...
  9. Paint nerds. Need your help. If antimatter is canceled in my22 , how do we make it better/fix it?

    So when antimatter was first revealed on the ford website and in renders it looked REALLY good. However in real life its much darker and its much harder to get the car to pop and is completely reliant on sun angle and car geometry. here are some renders of what it was supposed to look like...
  10. Now that somebody has custom painted a body color MIC top. Who will be first to show us a white MIC top?

    Huge bonus points if the car is cactus grey (nintendo concept) or antimatter (will cover both black and blue colors in one car depending on how the photos are taken)
  11. Bronco Shakedown: TFL takes their new Bronco off road.

    Lets see what happened edit : goes live in 3 hours
  12. First 1000 mile review

  13. first heavily custom bronco in the works it seems

    looks like they ripped almost everything off the car
  14. Traditional white steel wheel for off road?

    So I like the Detroit steel wheel look but I have no idea if they are capable off road are there any rules about these wheels or preferred brands? I went with antimatter to get the white top combo