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  1. Trigger warning: My Dealer Said... They paid a res holder to let the dealer flip their Bronco

    So... I was at the In-Laws in a small town and noticed around Christmas they had a 2 door base-squatch on a raised platform in their lot. Figured it was their mannequin (confirmed). Today I happened to be in said town when I drove by and they had a 4 door Badlands+Squatch in CO. Wife and I had...
  2. I proposed in my Bronco shirt today

    Wanted to lift the mood of the forum a bit and I grinned to myself when I got dressed this morning knowing I was gonna propose in my Bronco shirt. She said yes!
  3. 2 door spotted in the wild

    Sorry if this has already been posted but this 2 door squatch looks good going down the road. Edit: hate the fender flares Second edit: random YouTube video and I don't know who to give credit to. But thanks!
  4. What compromises would you make to take a Bronco home off the lot before your scheduled delivery?

    So, I had a purely hypothetical and unlikely scenario pop into my head and thought I'd ask the question. Since all Bronco builds at first are custom ordered, what compromises would you make on your build if a canceled reservation showed up on your local dealer lot (with no ADM for the sake of...
  5. New member from Texas

    Hey all, I'm a long time lurker who finally decided to create a profile and introduce myself. Not sure why it took so long since I've read through countless threads and have felt the same struggles as many of you here (2 door vs. 4 door, to Squatch or not to Squatch, 2.3 w/Manual or 2.7 w/Auto...