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  1. Light grey tops on some photo on build and price

    When I am building a big bend bronco the tops on the shadow black, iconic silver, and Rapid red show a light silver top. It is intermittent some time it is dark grey then the next time it is light silver. Can you get it in light silver because it looks good. I think it’s a glitch.
  2. Paint rollbar on the lighter colors?

    What do you guys think black, charcoal, or ????? You can cover most of it with a bikini top but the back rail is still visible.
  3. Why not Base Sasquatch help

    Ok I have built and priced hundred of bronco's so far. Someone tell me what I'm missing. For price and performance. Base with Sasquatch, V6 twin turbo, 10 speed auto for $37,680 I'm really surprised that Ford offered the Sasquatch on the base but I'm glad they did. Help me am I...