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  1. Early peek @ LIGHT BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    would be a good combo to park next to the old girl from the 70's.
  2. Base Mansquatch (Manual + Sasquatch) Broncos Have Begun Delivery

    got a white 2 door basesquatch ordered. hoping it hits soon.
  3. Guess the badlands isn't as weather rated as I hoped.

    so....YOU left your top off in a freaking torrential downpour and it's Ford's fault your shit don't work now? OK got it.
  4. Are people actually buying at 20K over MSRP

    why does anyone care what someone else pays for their Bronco? If you are a millionaire and want to pay 100k for a Base 2 door I don't give a shit. Your money....spend it however you like.
  5. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    if you got the cash to pay 80k for a 40k vehicle I am just going to bet that resale profit in the future isn't a
  6. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    is this toda congrats ! Sounds like you made the right decision and worked with a credible dealership. My experiences with my Broncos have been the same. Waited 18 months until the two door Badlands hit the dealership and got it for MSRP. Bought the four door (released mannequin) off the...
  7. Ford says it will NOT ALLOW order transfers anymore

    remove yourself from the “Granger quagmire”. Order a 2023 when available. It will get to you quicker.
  8. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    Mike Castrucci Ford in Milford Ohio. Always a pleasure doing business with them.
  9. Watch your email!!

    hold my beer..........12 times.
  10. Ford Dealership fukery, $25k ADM or we will not convert

    where I am from "law enforcement" and the "DA" would have nothing to do with it. It's all civil. Get a lawyer....waste your money.
  11. Sunday Morning Bitchfest........

    no I bought two Broncos......but I have two jeeps as well......just keeping up with the never ceasing whining and gnashing of teeth here.
  12. Update: No resolution in sight for wrecked Bronco, over three months later.

    never have I ever had a body shop do what they said they were going to do when they said they would be doing it. Nothing slower.....they are slower than a glacier moving across the face of the earth. They WILL take forever.....
  13. Sunday Morning Bitchfest........

    Trending this morning................

    This guy just posted the most honest thing ever written on the world wide web.

    keep that “my little pony” bs a million miles away from me. tie that stupid pony up in your man bun (joystick)
  16. Trail Recon: 4xe Vs. Bronco... We all know which is better

    But with a jeep you might get a duck………..