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  1. Saw a Raptor today

    I saw a Bronco Raptor today on the road, I'm out of loop but didn't realize they were already being delivered. Nice looking unit, kinda wish I had the opportunity for one.
  2. Bronco questions

    Few random questions maybe you guys can help me out with, sorry if they're covered elsewhere. 1) Does anyone know of a source for the factory 4 door Wildtrak body graphics? We ordered without and would like to add them now to break up the paint a little. 2) Has anyone rigged something up to...
  3. Wildtrak is here pic added

    Well the day we've been waiting for has arrived, the dealership called and said they received our Bronco. Wildtrak, 4 door, carb grey, MIC, Lux. We are waiting for some accessories and will be picking it up next week. He said the delivery driver told him it was tagged priority or something not...