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  1. 🛠 1/17/2022 Build week group

    I have been feeling the same way this week - I assumed that the vanishing EDD could not bode well for any of us. But then I logged in this morning and low and behold, I have moved to "Built" for the first time. I'm not counting on anything till it actually shows up at my dealer, but hopefully...
  2. Official Big Bend Club

    I was also cognizant of the weight, as someone who was dead set on the 2.3 / 7 speed. I don't need skid plates etc. for the driving I'm likely to do, and I didn't want to add an extra 400-500 lbs to an already heavy vehicle with a 4 cyl.
  3. Official Big Bend Club

    That's a good looking truck - lucky to have gotten AMB while it existed. How has it been in the snow? I have a BB on the way (fingers crossed) and the only thing I sometimes second guess is the lack of 4A.
  4. Seat Heater Install on Big Bend

    Just curious how this went. Any tips for people looking to do the same? Thanks!
  5. Colorado maiden voyage for a Black Diamond Bronco

    Those are some awesome pics - looks like a great day! Nice looking bd. What are your thoughts on the 2.3 / manual combination generally? Are you happy with it in day to day driving?
  6. Pinch Weld Cover-Up: Don't Use Adhesive Trim

    Are you referring to the Lund "rocker panels" listed on build and price (see below)? Did you order them and have a bad experience?
  7. New Soft Top Option For Bronco 2-Door Showing in B&P?

    I would love to be wrong, but I suspect that these are just bimini tops. Looks like a combined package including both a mesh and canvas bimini top? Otherwise, why would they sell it together with the existing soft top?
  8. First look at Trail Armor by Lund on 2021 Bronco - Aeroskin Hood Protector, Front Corners and Rear Corners

    Has anyone seen the trail armor rocker panels in person? On the build and price, they look like they don't even run the entire length of the vehicle. I am wondering if this is accurate, or just a glitch with B&P?
  9. Overland Green Confirmed For 2022 Bronco?

    This is really interesting. Did you by any chance try any other color codes from the touch-up paint website? I think the two new ones that have been previously discussed are: Peak Blue Metallic, Color Code: KY/M7469 and Yellowstone, Color Code: S6/M7461
  10. Merry early xmas

    Congrats - great looking vehicle! How does the 2.3 feel in the black diamond? Manual or Auto?
  11. Big Bend 4 door Delivery! Updated with interior

    I really like the sandstone interior, but I was worried that the lighter dash might cause a reflective glare on windshield. Can you speak to that at all?
  12. Compilation of 2.3L Reviews!

    Nice find. I tried to look at the timer at the bottom of the video to guesstimate - looks to be in 7 to 8 second range to 60 mph? Note that the speedo in KPH, not miles - must be one of our Canadian brethren!
  13. New ? Is it Lightning Blue or Velocity Blue?

    Looks pretty close to this - which would be alright by me . . .

    This was my experience too. I never paid an additional $100 to Horsham. And to my knowledge I never got $100 back from my original dealer. Just assumed it carried over . . .
  15. 2021 Bronco AUX Switches Wiring Diagram, Video, Discussions

    Any thoughts on how this set up might lend itself to aftermarket heated seats? (for those of us who don't have access to the mid package?). Would it be possible to wire them to the aux system?
  16. Documenting Agreed-Upon Purchase Price

    For those of you who have placed an order with an agreed upon purchase price (i.e. x % below invoice), how have you documented the agreed-upon purchase price? This seems particularly tricky for those who will wind up with 2022 year models, where the final numbers may be subject to change. Are...
  17. Cold weather group

    I saw online that many dealers will install aftermarket heated seats for around $500. 8 Things A Car Dealer Can Add To A New Car | VAIS Technology Blog I wonder if it could wired into the auxiliary switches. Anyone know?
  18. More Arizona Bronco Pics with feedback and full size truck comparison

    The only thing that has me confused is that on a separate thread, another user who took pics of what I think is the same vehicle - during the day -- reports that it is black.
  19. More Arizona Bronco Pics with feedback and full size truck comparison

    Was the Outerbanks definitely Antimatter Blue? I know its supposed to be dark, but that looks black.
  20. 4Runner vs Bronco Overland Concept side by side [more photos added]

    On paper, the Bronco's dimensions appear to be almost identical to the 4 Runner's. How do they compare size-wise in reality? As some have noted, 4 Runner looks bigger, but that may just be the perspective?