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    Looking to buy Black Diamond takeoffs ASAP! Really want just the rims as I'm looking to put Falkens on them, but will consider the tires as well depending upon price. Looking for local but will ship if you're willing to! Really looking for the upgraded black high gloss-painted aluminum...
  2. WideOpenRoads Appreciation Post

    Thanks to @Wide Open Roads for the gear I got in a giveaway ! Just opened the package & there she was, my Build ! Diggin how the specs look like coordinates . Made well, pretty true to size for me.. Got me thinkin of possible names now. Would love to see anyone else’s if ya got one you’d like to...
  3. Quick Poll as we get Closer ! !

    Just seeing what everyone's going with, can't wait to start seeing these builds all over ! Thanks to all participants
  4. Color Decision for my Base 2 DR?

    Hello all, hope everyone has a good week ! Looking for a little clarity after this post about my paint color choice... I picked Velocity Blue from the rip with this vehicle after looking through all of the paint options for the Base. With having to soon possibly lock my order in (I already...