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  1. MAP Down Additional Week (07/18/2022)

    Looks like they are down a third week in July due to Re-Tooling for the Ranger. Hopefully that will help with built Broncos waiting for chips.
  2. Michigan Assembly Summer Shutdown Question

    I haven't seen any information on this subject. Has there been an announcement from Ford as to whether they will shut down for two weeks starting late June/ early July this year? Thanks
  3. Did Ford Overpromise?

    In spite of supply issues,I believe they did. Sharing the production line with the Ranger is a problem even if all the parts are available to produce Broncos. What are your thoughts?
  4. Window Sticker Colors

    As far as the Ford system goes (not necessarily Bronco only) I have seen three different color window stickers. Green,Blue,Red. Someone please explain the significance. Thanks
  5. Suffering From Burnout?

    Is anyone tired of all the perpetual waiting and no information? All the launch and delivery problems (imo) have often negatively affected this site and turned it quite toxic at times. I don't plan on cancelling my order and I'm in good shape as far as a daily driver goes. Up to this point I...
  6. Connected Navigation On Black Diamond

    To make a long story short and to clear up a question of mine. Is the Mid Pkg. the minimum requirement for this feature and is that one of the things included in the Mid Pkg.? Thanks
  7. Back Door Link Questions

    When I log into the back door link and if it allows me to log in it looks the same as the my ford account link.It just shows my Bronco model and says ordering with dealer or such with a green dot.What if any information am I missing? Thanks
  8. Test Drove Big Bend Today

    Went for a motorcycle ride today since the weather was decent with no particular destination in mind. I try to take my wife on some roads that we haven't been on before.About 3/4 the way through our ride and on our way home we ended up in the town that my dealer is located in. I stopped in for...
  9. Tire Size Changes - what to do about altered functional final drive ratio and the speedometer error?

    So to all that are changing the tires and or rims and ending up with a larger overall diameter..............What are you doing to address the altered functional final drive ratio and the speedometer error? Just curious and thanks for the replies.
  10. Offered Newly Arrived Demo

    My local (small) dealer sent out emails to everyone with an order offering their newly arrived mannequin (2) for sale immediately to their current order holders. The only catch is your current order has to be cancelled. Apparently this is a Ford sponsored program.The mannequin is a 4 door, Big...
  11. How Is The Bumper Thing Going To Work?

    Black Diamond ordered with a Modular Bumper figured in the pricing. Now that Ford has announced that TurDuckEn thing as a standard bumper (Capable? POS) ..... will it cost extra to keep what Ford originally offered (Modular Bumper) as standard? All relevant replies appreciated. (y)
  12. Your Best Guess On My Build Date

    Ok just for fun and for my curiosity on predictions , opinions. I reserved a Black Diamond on 07/25/2020. I waited for the small dealer to contact me and the order was placed 03/16/2021. They gave me a priority code #11. At the time of order placement they had three allotments and five orders...
  13. How To Find Reservation Date?

    Was a bit late to the party for reserving.My order was placed 03/16/2021. I'm curious about my reservation date and don't know where to look on my Ford account. Any and all help on how to find my reservation date is appreciated.
  14. Site Down?

    I haven't been able to login to my account all day. Is it down?
  15. What Would Your Second Bronco Be?

    I have a 4 Door, Black Diamond with a 2.7 , standard black steel wheels and Mid Pkg. on order. I chose Cactus Grey for the color. Now.......If I were rich and or wasteful with my $$$$ I would have another Bronco and that would be a Silver 2DR. Base Model. I love the way it looks! To me the base...
  16. Just Want To Introduce Myself

    Hello from Southwest Ohio. I have an order in for a 2.7 L 4 door Non Sas. Black Diamond.I am a current Ford employee that has set myself up to retire soon.I have no idea when to expect Ford to build and deliver a Bronco to me.However, I will patiently wait for it to all come together. Thanks...