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  1. Industry Issue with prioritizing early reservation holders?

    Our frustrations with Ford and how early reservation holders got jumped is now being shared by Rivian. Not just a Ford problem. For EV maker Rivian, delivery headache hits as market shuts down coffers (
  2. Anybody seen these lights come on?

    So, when I'm in "full auxiliary mode" I'm now seeing a check engine light and the battery light. These don't come on when I actually start the Bronco, only in full aux mode. Also, when I stop driving, put it in park and hit the stop button, the engine and everything shuts down, where...
  3. Is the center console lid supposed to have a spring?

    Is mine the only center console lid that seems to have absolutely NO spring resistance to help keep it open? Mine pretty much slams back down unless I hold it open. Anybody else have this?
  4. Roof Lift/Storage solution

    Definitely in my future!
  5. Bronco Nation Live Chat 24 Jan

  6. MY22 Order Banks

    Mike Levine reply on Twitter to when MY22 order banks will open…”targeting late this year”. Does that sound encouraging to ANYONE?? “Targeting”???
  7. Email received from Ford...Today!

    Been a reserve holder since the first night but received this email from Ford Today. Can you hear it? The trails are calling. To say we’re excited would be an understatement. Like you, we CAN’T WAIT to see Bronco™ SUVs hitting the trails soon. And now is the time to make sure one will be...
  8. The meaning of "Price Level Code" on the Order Summary

    I've seen the thread on the meaning of Priority Codes on the Ford Order Summary, but curious what the Price Level code represents? Mine shows 115. Any @DealerInsider types know what that means?
  9. Three Bronco Blues (Antimatter, Velocity, Lightning)

    From left to right: Antimatter Blue, Velocity Blue, Lightning Blue. Credit Bronco Nation Facebook page for these
  10. Dealer (Two Rivers) response to questions today

    Emailed my new dealer this morning, Two Rivers, asking about ordering my FE with the Painted Black top and the soft top (dual tops option), along with a few more questions. My contact, Matthew, responded with an hour. "When it comes to the tops, you can order another top as an accessory if...
  11. Cactus Gray Color change on B&P for FE?

    Just configured my FE on B&P for about the 100th time and chose Cactus Gray one more time. THIS time, the color looks much different! At least to me, this looks much more of a blue tint than previous versions. My imagination? I like it!
  12. What (if anything) do we know about the "Dual Tops" option?

    Curious if anyone has run across any reliable information about the option listed as Dual Tops - Modular Hard Top Shadow Black-Painted + Black Soft Top (4-Door Only) Any ideas/information/thoughts about what this will be? Do we think it would be something where BOTH are on the vehicle at the...