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  1. Snapped a Tie Rod … thankful for trail mates

    I have the BroncBuster braces for my tie rods. I do carry a 2004 Ford Ranger inner tie rod and a 2021 Ford Bronco inner tie rod in case anyone in our group runs into trouble. The Ranger one from Oreilly cost $28 and the Bronco one from Ford cost $95
  2. Active Orange (aka Badlands Orange) Paint Source?

    For anyone interested in the Badlands Orange color match, I went to Home Depot and had them match the handle from my Badlands and I think it came out pretty close. I've included the paint can so you have the formula/codes if you want some for yourself.
  3. Another GMRS radio install post? Sure!

    Here is the homemade mount I used for my MXT275 ghost antenna.
  4. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    Made the mount from a piece of steel from Home Depot. Ran the coax over the top of the roll bar and down the pillar behind the rear door under the rear passenger step plate and under the drivers seat into the center console. Very simple install.
  5. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @AzBronc I've got the storage drawer in the back of my 4 door. I carry tools, recovery gear, shovel, first aid and trauma kits, lifestraw, blanket, spare tie rods, air compressor, paper goods and garbage bags. These are all stored away. I'll also take water/food when we go out. Also recommend a...
  6. Bronco Off-Roadeo, what is it and is it worth it?

    Go to and create your profile. Once you enter your vehicle info they will verify its eligible and you can schedule your event. Enjoy!
  7. Bronco Off-Roadeo, what is it and is it worth it?

    The Bronco Off-Roadeo is an event put on by Ford for those who have purchased a new or ordered a new Gen 6 Ford Bronco. You don’t even have to have taken delivery of your Bronco yet to attend. You actually drive their Broncos at the event so it doesn’t matter if you bring yours or not, you won’t...
  8. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @AzBronc start out local to get used to it then maybe do a run to Sedona. We've also done Sand Hollow and Moab with ours. Have you done the Off-Roadeo yet?
  9. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @AzBronc congrats. When we picked up mine we went straight from the dealer out to Sycamore Creek and the Rolls OHV area.
  10. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    It was roughly an 8 hour drive. Temperatures were definitely cooler than Phoenix. We stayed at the Element Moab by Marriott. It was Memorial Day weekend and rates were through the roof everywhere. I basically live in a Marriott hotel so I had plenty of points to use. Otherwise room rates that...
  11. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    Had an amazing time in Moab recently. 6 Broncos from Arizona headed up to Utah. 4 others joined our group and we had a blast wheeling together. Thursday the 26th we did Chicken Corners, Friday, Fins and Things, Saturday our group did the Bronco Off-Roadeo and then Sunday we did Onion Creek and...
  12. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    Yes took it to Moab this last week. Used a second unit with magnetic base antenna on my F150 and communication between the two vehicles was fantastic. Almost no static and quite pleased with the range. At home we tested between a handheld walkie talkie and the unit in my Bronco and the handheld...
  13. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    I can't find the link currently but the Midland site had an article about how Jeep owners could install the antenna inside of the hardtop due to it being fiberglass and wouldn't cause any interference. I only had my MXT275 and a handheld Midland FRS radio to test distance but I was able to hear...
  14. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    Well I like how it turned out. We'll see this weekend how well it performs.
  15. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    I just got my MXT275 installed under the center console. Since there are two bolt holes on the aft side of the roll bar I fabricated an antenna mount and installed my antenna there.
  16. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @Bigcat64 in Mesa on Country Club road about 1/2 mile north of Southern.
  17. JetMech

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    We buy our color match paints from Space Age paint in Mesa. All the stuff we use is in a aerosol can so I can say for sure about touch up pens but you could buy a small can and get one of their silicone brushes to apply it.
  18. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    I have the MIC hard top so we will see how it performs.
  19. Aux switches wire gauge question

    I've searched the threads to try and make sense of this and I've had no luck. Ford did a cool thing in adding the Aux switches and extra aux wiring to the Bronco. What I'm confused about is that all the wires are 16 gauge wires which have a maximum amp capacity of 10 amps yet Ford claims that...