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  1. Wtf is the point of this cockpit cover?

    Yes. It should be used with the top completely removed.
  2. Wtf is the point of this cockpit cover?

    Mine works perfectly. Are you sure that isn't a 2 door cover on a 4 door?
  3. Headlights turning on when switched off

    I am still experiencing the same issue a couple times a week at minimum. Still seems tied to the use of the key fob.
  4. I see the Bronco I ordered for sale on my dealers website

    This is very common. It doesn't necessarily mean anything nefarious is going on. When mine shipped it automatically showed on my dealers website. But they marked it as " Sale Pending". When it was delivered they removed it from the website and contacted me. Keep calm and contact them. Don't...
  5. Headlights turning on when switched off

    Still happens 1 to 2 times per week for me. I am certain it isn't me hitting the knob with my knee. It only happens when using the fob.
  6. AutoNation Ford Katy. Smh!!!

    I bought my 22 VB BD 2DR over a month ago from AutoNation Ford Katy. Derek Reutlinger was my salesman and he was earnest and straightforward the entire time. Bought my Bronco at MSRP as promised. No complaints.
  7. Finally a Front License Plate bracket solution - order yours today

    Got my capable bumper license plate holder installed. Looks great!
  8. Never got your assembly line photo? Maybe someone has a match!

    Your welcome. It looks even better in person. Hope it builds & ships quickly.
  9. Headlights turning on when switched off

    Anyone have this solved yet? My Bronco is doing the same thing. Just wondering if it needs to go to the dealer or a software update or something else entirely?
  10. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I can say that this is real. I have found that I don't care about how long it takes to get places because I'm in my Bronco. Just be cautious and enjoy the journey.
  11. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I was born & raised in Houston and I find your interest in the Texans far more baffling.
  12. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    I'm excited to finally see it in sunlight. Just another hour or so!
  13. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    How long was I at the dealership? So many pages to catch up. She is home. It is soooo much fun to drive. Hoping those waiting get good news soon.
  14. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    The doggo is doing much better. Pulled a muscle in her back. She has meds and is taking it easy. Only about 6 hours from picking up the Bronco.
  15. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Well, we aren't picking up the Bronco tonight. 13 year old pup injured herself and has to go to the vet. Rescheduled the pickup for Wednesday evening after work.
  16. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    It has arrived! I pick up Monday after work. I will post pics then.
  17. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Haven't posted in a while. Pizza tracker is holding steady at 2/10. Backdoor says 2/4 - 2/10. I'm really hoping backdoor comes through for me. I suspect it's already at the Pearland rail yard awaiting pickup.
  18. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Congratulations! Happy for you two. Enjoy that beautiful Bronc!