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  1. I've clicked this button at least 7,000 times

    Upate: 702 days and counting. How many times have you clicked this button only to be disappointed with the result?
  2. 647 days since July 13, 2020

    @Ford Motor Company. It's been 647 days since I reserved on Day 1. I rolled over to a 2022 and have been in production since January 3, 2022. Like so many others, I have been waiting patiently. I am good customer. I own Ford stock and I've owned several Fords & Mercurys over the years. I never...
  3. 🙃🙃🙃

  4. Ford Performance Side Steps?

    Saw these side steps on the TFL video. I searched for them online but can’t find them. Anyone know more? Minute 8 of this video:
  5. New Jersey 2017 Mini Cooper S, 57k miles One Owner, $20k

    Selling my Mini Copper since the Bronco is coming in January. Please let me know if you are interested. $20k. One owner, 57k miles, fully loaded. All service records, etc. etc.
  6. Cancelled my order but dealer put order through anyway

    I had two reservations (early Day 1 and a later Sept reservation). I attempted to (and thought I did) cancel my later reservation. To my surprise, I recently received a VIN/build date email from Ford with a build date the week of January 20th. Obviously, the dealer did not cancel my order and...
  7. Ford Stock !

    Ford stock is over $12 today. It's approaching a 5 year high. Bronco related?
  8. COVID Truck?

    Anyone catch this on TFL? See around minute 8:20. They just took delivery of a new Raptor and he mentions that he's glad it's not a "COVID truck." I hadn't considered the COVID impact on quality. Anyone concerned about this? I'm not concerned. Thanks
  9. Saw a yellow with White Modular Top at local gas station this morning!

    I haven’t seen this build on B&P yet but I like it!??????
  10. Is Ford trolling us?

    Anyone notice these posts from members with recent forum join dates? There was the random WT pic yesterday from a member that joined the same day. Only one pic from the factory parking lot that prompted a bunch of comments about the fender and mirror colors. And this morning, a rando with a...
  11. Weight of modular top the reason for availability delay ?

    i just read on another thread that the modular top is 50% heavier than the MIC. makes me wonder if Ford is holding off on the modular top while they try to solve the GVWR problem. If you can’t add a roof rack on B&P because of weight, you certainly can’t add a heavier modular roof. maybe they...
  12. MIC top more durable than modular?

    Wondering how the MIC top will hold up vs the modular. I assume the MIC will not get scratched when taking off and on and when putting stuff on the roof top carrier. Also, I read that the MIC is lighter. Has that been verified? I know if I’m taking the top off and storing it in the garage, the...
  13. Out of touch or is it me? anyone else seen this? $80k Defender SUV of the year. how many people can afford that?? and it’s gonna be a mall crawler at that price point. so out of touch especially during these times...maybe it’s just me...
  14. New B&P Thread (from the Future...)

    12/13/20. B&P was so worth the wait. Now that it is finally up, I'd like your input on my build. Do you guys think I should go with Badlands without Sasquatch but with 2.7L Auto, with aftermarket 35s, assuming I can recoup some cost by selling the factory 33s? The price on B&P comes out to...
  15. How do bead lock rings work ?

    How do these work? Just bolt onto the rim with Allen bolts? Come in different colors? Please explain.