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  1. Jeep cashing in on Bronco sales?

    I'm in a small military town so not much so far for Bronco sitings but happened to see this at the local Jeep dealer. Didn't get a chance to stop and look so pulled up their website for the price knowing full well there would be a markup. Their asking price for a 4dr base SAS is $66,500 which...
  2. New Blazer (sorta) from Mitsuoka

    Not sure how many of you know Mitsuoka but they've offered quite an interesting lineup over the years. The latest is based on the RAV4 with a Blazer inspired front end called the Buddy. Love it or hate it at least it's different if not any more capable than what it's based on and of course we'll...
  3. Vanderhall Navarro???

    Here's one that I haven't seen before. Vanderhall makes a pretty cool 3 wheeler for the street but guess they have plans for an electric 4 wheeler with some very similar Bronco specs:
  4. Painting the Shadow Black Modular Hardtop Questions

    Finally got my build finalized and its looking like I'll be in for MY21 but no white tops this year and who knows what it'll be tied to for '22. So my questions below are about ordering and painting the SB mod top white and just being done with this roller coaster for awhile. Here it goes ...
  5. Carvana "Dealership" Ads

    I had sold off my trade to Carvana awhile back so I guess I'm still on the mailing list. Their current list of "dealership" ads is right on!
  6. What color will be built next?

    So we've had a black BD, silver base, rapid red WT, white BL ... Are these being built for the color walk thru that never happened? Any bets on next color?
  7. New VW ID.4 open for build and reserve

    I sold off my GTI but guess I must still be on the mailing list so I got this today: There’s an all‑new Volkswagen in town, and we think it’s going to be your favorite yet. It’s an electric SUV that’s truly changing the game. Don’t believe us? Check this out: the VW ID.4 electric SUV brings a...
  8. 2020 Ford Ranger tops the made in America index at 70%

    As the title says, for 2020, the Ranger tops the American made index at 70%. This should bode well for the Bronco as well when it's released for '21. Article and survey links below:
  9. Who's bought a vehicle sight unseen before?

    Don't think this has been asked before, if it's a repeat then my apologies. So odds are for most us that the first time we drive a new Bronco it'll be when we drive our own away from the dealer. Question is has anyone ever done this before and how did it turn out? My story is that I have...
  10. Will Bronco production be extended like the Corvette?

    Read the below story just now and with manufacturing being so limited with the current covid crisis do you predict years before they get to the end of the reserved list? If so and there's price increases would you still hang on...
  11. SC Lowcountry Dealer Choices?

    Wanted to know if anyone had any luck with any Lowcountry dealerships committing to no ADM or discounts. I've already reserved and put O.C Welch but anytime I ask them these questions they go quiet. I've seen the thread for dealers and while I'm 1200 miles from Granger they might be worth the...