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  1. First tow with the 2.3 manual

    First tow went smooth. Definitely could feel all the weight back there. Truck seemed to stop ok without brakes.
  2. Those living with the 2.3…

    Question for those that have been able to get some miles on the 2.3 and run a few tanks of gas through. now that the novelty is wearing off, and the national average price of gas hit another all time high today, are you still buying premium gas? Can you tell there is a horsepower bump? (I...
  3. Is my order unbuildable?

    I sent an email to my dealer, waiting to hear back. under “configuration summary” I see eruption green. (I changed for 2022) but under “vehicle details” I see cyber orange with cost still attached. (Leftover from last year) will this keep my 7/14 am res from getting pulled by Ford?
  4. American Pie 2 Bronco Scene

    Flipping around and got a blast from the past. Love the scene with the open top bronco.
  5. Future ARB option?

    Since the bronco winch blocks the camera and the baby brush bar blocks the logo, I was looking on the arb site and saw this neat video about how they produce their bumpers. Excited to see what they come up with for the bronco.
  6. Which axle for future v8 swap?

    If my plan is to wear out the 4cyl behind a manual then swap to a coyote motor down the road. Do I want the 4.7 axles now? Maybe it will be easy enough to source them from junk yards later, are any other components tougher than the 4.46? Like drive shaft/ujoint/knuckles etc?
  7. Two weeks from tomorrow

    Time is flying by. Two weeks from tomorrow we can place our orders. Still no concrete info on delivery if I switch my black diamond to a base man squatch. Can’t seem to pick the options I want without it adding up to the cost of a c8 corvette or turning into late delivery. Hope we get some news...
  8. Ford - Let us have Kodiak Brown!

    Looked at the bronco sport for fun and found my new favorite color. DooDoo Brown, I mean kodiak brown. Love it!
  9. What adventures do you have planned?

    Who will be the first to take a bronco on the tat or the alcan highway? Who is taking the family to the smoky mountains or to the badlands? Anyone have adventures planned that you couldn’t take now?
  10. Thinking of giving up my reservation because...

    No factory soft top two door no manual behind the 2.7 warthog will come out next year(hopefully with the 5.0) maybe I should get a less optioned out 4cyl with the plan of an aftermarket 5.0? I haven’t bought a brand new car since ‘02-big deal for me thoughts? currently have an fj40 for...