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  1. Order confirmed

    I got an email tonight stating that my dealer confirmed my order for a 2022 Bronco Big Bend! It even has a computer generated picture of my build and it told me they would let me know when I enter a new stage in the order process. Before tonight my status just said ordering with dealer. I’ll be...
  2. Where to find what kind of priority code your Bronco has?

    I see people posting about the priority code 99 meaning do not build. Where do you find out what kind of priority code has been given to your Bronco?
  3. Changing my order from a 2021 to a 2022

    I got an email from Ford telling me it was time to change my order for a 2021 Bronco to a 2022 Bronco. The email told me to reach out to my dealer. When I contacted my dealer, they were afraid that if we changed something it would make me loose my place in line to get a Bronco. My dealership...
  4. Cross Bar for Kayaks

    Is there a cross bar that will fit my Ford Explorer now and the new Bronco when it gets here? I need it for hauling kayaks this summer.