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  1. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Update on my Bronco. Turns out that when they installed the radiator into the Bronco, the installer drilled two screws into the radiator. Now I wait for a replacement radiator.
  2. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Lots of exciting news. I took delivery of my Bronco on Friday and it was awesome. On Saturday, I visited my brother's place and as I was parked in front of his house, steam rose from my engine (2.7). Open the hood and there is coolant all throughout the compartment and also a large puddle in...
  3. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    66 miles on it. It has been sitting at the railyard about 10-15m away from the dealer and I suspect that someone drove it down rather than take it by truck since it was the only vehicle that came to the dealer today :)
  4. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    This may or may not help anyone, but I was on a hold with an ETA of June 17-23. It got built and shipped out on June 8th with a ETA delivery of June 27-7/3. Beat both timelines by a huge stretch. I do not want to frustrate anyone even further, but there are glimpses of hope. Stay the course.
  5. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I used the Ordertrack app to stalk my order and it popped "Delivered" while standing in line at the CVS. I finish up and head on down to the dealer and they were surprised to see me pull up. They asked if anyone called me. I said "Nope, I have been stalking this thing for months." I pick...
  6. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I believe reservation holders have a different site to login to check status.
  7. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Mine is sitting in a railyard about 1hr away. Crossing fingers!
  8. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Seems like you and I have just about the exact same build. I assume soft top
  9. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Mine arrived in Pittsburgh on Sat and departed this morning. Only 5hrs away. Lets hope there are bored drivers sitting and waiting to deliver cars to my dealer :)
  10. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Make sure and update the spreadsheet - woot!
  11. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Your dealer has to give you the rail car and the company. Once you have that - there are directions in the Ordering thread.
  12. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I feel extremely fortunate.
  13. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Just updated mine as I got the 'In Transit" from the No delivery yet. Your day is soon. Stay strong.
  14. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    my Bronco wasn’t slated to be complete until 6/17-23. It got done early. Hang tight!!
  15. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    The tracker app keeps reducing in number - there is hope for me yet.
  16. Wrapped up our latest upgrades on our wildtrak! Adv. Fiberglass Fenders + 37" Kanati Tires

    I have that bumper sitting in my garage just waiting for my Bronco to arrive - I went with the hi-lift jack carrier and Rotopak/Maxtrax.
  17. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Awesome OBX. I have not been able to get the Ford Tracker to work for the past 4 weeks. update the spreadsheet!!!!