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  1. Devastated...2yr old reservation, total loss from hail storm right before delivery

    When You get Your Bronco you can name her Hailey!
  2. To Squatch or Not To Squatch on Badlands

    I would have guessed this was a Sas, I have the same one in Hot Pepper Red and it doesn't look this tall.
  3. 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and Black Diamond Off-Road Review & Features

    This was a great review, very informative. Thank You for taking the time to do this!
  4. Sell new Bronco?

    This is one of the best comments of all Time!!!
  5. Do dealers compensate for turning over Bronco after it is delivered?

    I was the Lucky recipient of said Bronco. There's so , so much more to this story of how I got this Bronco from Daddy Muffin. I can say with 100% conviction that Daddy Muffin is a stand up Guy!! He went above and beyond what anyone would expect from a guy that was selling a Bronco at MSRP in...
  6. California 2-Door Black Diamond Sasquatch

    This is a great Deal for someone especially out here in California! Good Luck with sale!
  7. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    These and a High Lift Jack should get You out of any situation.
  8. Ford Motor Company Lied

    At first I thought You meant to say Twitter instead of Tinder, then I thought about it and this guy is getting Fucked by the dealership so leaving feedback on Tinder makes sense!
  9. Just hilarity at this point. Shame on you Ford

    In the long run this was pretty good deal!
  10. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    The last pic should be on a Calendar! So cool seeing the reflection. Well done!!
  11. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    I broke the handle for the storage area Today as well, less than 24 hours after getting it.
  12. Anybody take delivery of your Bronco and now have buyer's remorse?

    It's so Awesome Your Daughter is as excited about the Bronco as You are!
  13. MSRP

    These Days probably MSRP
  14. Any 2 doors have 35s and a level lift?

    Wow! Awesome!!
  15. Velocity Blue Raptor Bronco With MGV Interior Pics and Fly-By Video Sound Clip

    The Flares don't look as bad when it's dark out!
  16. Half Cab Pick-Up Bronco Build! 🪚

    Cross break the metal You’re using for the Bulkhead.