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  1. As we enter month 24 since reserving, I find myself staring at Jeeps...

    A friend of mine just bought a wrangler rubicon for the very reasons you are thinking about it. He kept his bronco order just in case, but got tired of waiting (He was an Oct 2020 reservation, still no VIN). He loves it. Jeeps are awesome, better than broncos in many ways. Do it!
  2. As we enter month 24 since reserving, I find myself staring at Jeeps...

    Uh, wrong. Saying you can learn to drive it straight doesn‘t do anything to change the fact that there is an issue with its drivability. There aren’t countless people on forums complaining about broncos wandering, there’s no learning curve to drive broncos straight. It’s a Jeep thing. Jeep...
  3. As we enter month 24 since reserving, I find myself staring at Jeeps...

    I bought a new gladiator rubicon last year, drove it for 5k miles, then traded it in for my tundra which I still have, along with my 2.7 sasquatch 4 dr. I’ve put over 6k miles on the bronco. For sure the wandering is a thing, anyone who says it’s not is in denial or doesn‘t care. It bothered me...
  4. Rough country winch mount unbox/ INSTALL tips.

    It is done. Base model=no camera or sensor relocation=quick install.
  5. Devastated...2yr old reservation, total loss from hail storm right before delivery

    Omg, that is so bad. Thoughts and prayers?
  6. Base vs Big Bend

    I’m a base apologist. My basesquatch 2.7 4 dr was $45k and has everything I want, super happy with it. I have a second bronco coming which is a true base, zero upgrades. Going to drop some badlands or black diamond take offs for cheap and leave as is on that one, if you aren’t wanting 35’s and...
  7. Rough country winch mount unbox/ INSTALL tips.

    Oh cool, yet another perk of the base model. No sensors to relocate!
  8. Rough country winch mount unbox/ INSTALL tips.

    Details on the warn winch mounting difficulties? That’s what I have and the RC winch plate is in transit.
  9. Regrets??

    2.7 basesquatch 4 dr hard top, mod bumper, aux switches. 6k miles, added standard flares (narrower than Sasquatch, much better look), added oem rock sliders, tow hitch, warn winch is in the garage and RC high winch plate is arriving Saturday, when it will finally be perfect. Best configuration...
  10. BaseSquatch Base Sasquatch Bronco Club

    6k miles on my base sasquatch. By far the best decision to forego the badlands trim. $45k with 4 dr 2.7 hard top squatch is crazy good value! The base is all I need, not missing a thing.
  11. Rough Country Winch plate for modular bumper (Coming soon)

    Ordered! $200ish is in line with what I was hoping, glad I waited.
  12. Rough Country Winch plate for modular bumper (Coming soon)

    Bump. Anyone have any intel on when these might come to market? I hate all the other ones
  13. For those that have their Broncos, what's your biggest complaint?

    The frameless windows. After 5k miles I think I love everything about this vehicle except how the windows catch every freaking time I open the doors. Feel like I’m going to break them if I open too fast. Other than that, it’s the perfect vehicle. 4 door 2.7 base Sasquatch, hard top, I wouldn’t...
  14. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

  15. Rough Country Hidden Winch now for Modular Bumper **new photos***

    When is THIS winch mount going to happen!? I grabbed this from a RC video because it’s exactly what I’m looking for. High and tight, better than the jcroffroad option
  16. Utah FS 5 Badlands wheels only - $500

    Have you listed these on KSL classifieds?
  17. 02/07/2022 Build Week Group

    Yes! Utah is a great place to own a bronco. I’m already mapping out all the backroads this thing will explore this year. I was a broken man Thursday when you said you got the call from the dealer and mine said I was stuck at the railyard. Was very glad to get the call, not sure I could have...
  18. 02/07/2022 Build Week Group

    It’s done. Bronco in, purchased for msrp.
  19. Ford’s Attempts To Shake Up The Dealer Model Could Kill Its EVs (Analysis article on Ford's New ICE/EV Dealership model)

    Dealers are the worst part of car buying. The stupid games they play ruin the car buying experience. There are plenty of good ones, but because there are so many bad ones the net value is lost. How many documented cases of dealers essentially stealing bronco orders does it take before we can...
  20. 02/07/2022 Build Week Group

    Mine got to the local railyard last Saturday. Still no sign of it at the dealer! Pure torture.