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  1. I broke my Bronco Top! Smashed my soft top into garage wall

    **Thanks to a Forum member, found out "BestTop" NOT ACCURATE, 28 AUG WAS TOLD WEBASTO makes the soft top for Ford to assemble. Webasto doesn't sell to customers, must go through Ford. The part I broke is the Header Assembly, still need the Ford Part Number??? Help is appreciated!! *18 Aug...
  2. Sand Goat Mode in water is impressive!

    7/31/21. UPDATE Photos So Waverunner sucked up Rope, had to emergency extract away from the launch. Bronco went 4low and Sand Goat Mode in Brackish water for extraction Bronco Badlands, stock tires went where I would have never put our F150. We had a second Bronco at the ready, but so...
  3. Our little Ponies

    Reservation order delivery check check! Loving Ford's newest offerings!!!!!
  4. How much can we fit in the bronco????

    I don't know if it's the bronco or our amazing packing capability but we have room for easily another thought that!!!! Love that lift up rear soft top!!!!
  5. Renovate the house or buy a Bronco?

    At the house can wait!!!!
  6. 2 Badlands Picked Up, 1 Cracked Windshield !

    7/29 update: glass company confirms it's not fixable, let's see how long it takes to get a windshield. Regardless still Loving the bronco you guys are all going to love it! Exact builds, White and A51, Badlands. Already driving home from dealer on 1-10, took a Rick to the windshield on the A51...
  7. Our 2nd Bronco Arrived!!

    So reserved a First Edition and Base before the Reveal was at the 90 second mark. Ended up we ordered 2 Badlands with a few Options. White one arrived Thursday at the dealer and today the Area 51 came in. Dealers been great and hopefully taking Wednesday off to pick them up! The wait is...
  8. Shipped Email!

    Got this in our email this morning. Was a First Edition, but on order we changed to Badlands! 2.7.
  9. 8 April to Make Order Changes email from Ford

    Anyone else get an email from Ford on the reservation stating that we can now make changes till April 8th?
  10. Where to put my B6G ? pizza sticker ?

    Thanks B6G, got my prize in the mail today! Now where to put it while I wait for my Cactus Grey FE Bronco? Here are some options. What do you think?
  11. 2025 Bronco Pickup details from sources close to the project (by Automobile)

    2025 Ford Bronco Pickup: It’s Coming, and Here’s Everything We Know So Far Exclusive details from sources close to the project. Link to article...
  12. Reservation Confirmed!

    First Edition 4 Door Reservation 10118048 Dealer: Mullinax Ford Mobile!