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  1. New Windshield Adhesion Recall 22C12 announced for 2022 Broncos

    Sounds like you're wearing polarized glasses/sunglasses as that will allow you to see the "spots" from the tempering process which is what makes the glass break into a bunch of tiny crumbs as opposed to shards.
  2. Surprisingly good MPG (7MT)

    This. I too am a 2.3L with manual trans, 2 door though. Here's a log of my last 10 fill ups from my Anything that has a note next to it is me towing a small 1500 lb camper for at least 1/2 of the tank. I've learned that I can get much better MPG by staying out of 6th unless I'm not...
  3. Those living with the 2.3…

    I tow a small, 1500 lb travel trailer almost constantly as I live on the road during the summer months. About 6,500 miles on a non-Sasquatch, Big Bend 2 door with 2.3L and manual, 5,000 of which is towing, so far. Averaging 17.5-18mpg overall, hand calculated and burning premium. That's about...
  4. Real world MPG

    I've tracked my Bronco's MPG on the dash and hand calculated over 27 tanks of gas so far and found that the Bronco reads approximately .68 MPG high, which isn't bad considering my 2014 Ram 1500 was 1-1.5 MPG high. You can calculate a correction to your reported MPG readings on your dash by...
  5. What's your unpopular Bronco opinion?

    Wow, you're like a professional level troll, aren't you? 😂
  6. 2.3 in Squatched 2-Doors Sufficient?

    On this note; vacuum assisted brakes have been around forever and anyone who grew up driving with them knows if you need heavy braking you give a quick double pump and they’re there. If you give a single stab you’re going to be sorely disappointed. It’s all about the technique, not the brakes...
  7. 2.3 in Squatched 2-Doors Sufficient?

    That’s an impressive amount of homework you did there. Now go drive one. I am and I don’t agree with any of those downfalls. Is there a little bit of turbo lag, yes but it last for a split second. The reason the turbo is on there is to produce torque. Why would it be a downfall of needing the...
  8. 2.3 in Squatched 2-Doors Sufficient?

    This question and the people downplaying the 2.3L slays me. The 2.3L, in its stock form, is rated at 300hp and 325 lb ft of torque. If it were a light duty pickup truck it would rank 7th on the 2021 most powerful list. If you go back a few years it would top the list. I just pulled a 1500lb...
  9. Atta-boy Ford! Positive feedback on what they got RIGHT

    I learned to drive in a '74 Ranger F100 with 3 on the tree and there wasn't a tach to be found on that dash. I think that trained me to listen and feel as opposed to look for a number. If you really know how to drive a manual, the tach in the Bronco serves it's purpose just fine. There's no need...
  10. Newish Owner and Apple Car Play Issue

    Once you're attached via CarPlay, go into the settings on the CarPlay screen. There may be something in there that doesn't let you phone "trust" your Bronco. Mine has been working flawlessly.
  11. Things That Bother Me About My Bronco

    Once you have the manual saved on your phone you don’t need cell service to access it. Welcome to the 21st century. 😉
  12. Things That Bother Me About My Bronco

    All of this is configurable under "Driver Assistance/Lane Keeping System" in your settings. For an explanation and help, refer to pages 249-255 in the owner's manual.
  13. Things That Bother Me About My Bronco

    I can't speak for the Android app but Apple CarPlay lets you configure your "home screen" and visible apps by hitting settings while using CarPlay itself. You can even go so far as changing the wallpaper.
  14. Things That Bother Me About My Bronco

    The manual is also part of the FordPass app on your phone, under Service/Reference Guides.
  15. Practicality of a Bronco

    I'd add, my new hard top Bronco with headliner and carpeted floors is easily as quiet in the cabin as my 2014 Ram 1500 and so far gets about 3 mpg better than my Ram, which is 2wd, around town. While the cabin of my 2-door does feel smaller than my Ram, everything I was carrying with me easily...
  16. Bwahahahahaha!

    I think it's pretty wicked. Would I want it or do that to mine, no, but I can appreciate it. Then again, I'm a big fan of custom (Kustom) car culture in general.
  17. Multiple Cracked Windshields

    A better question is how close are you following people if all these rocks are ricocheting off your ride?
  18. Budget minded ditch lights

    Yeah, but the Diode Dynamics are $240 a set vs $100 for the Cali Raised. Having said that, Diode have an 8 year warranty vs 2 year for Cali.
  19. Ice Mountain Tracker (Dirt Mountain v2.0)

    Pretty much same here. Production 1/19 (it was built, according to my dealer and the module check) and had estimated delivery of 2/15. Now this morning estimated delivery was pushed to 5/16.