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  1. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    I have a mxt575 with swr of 1.54 and power output of 48.8 watts. That's using the midland antenna that came with the radio mounted on a sr offroad a pillar mount with the ditch light. I tried the magnet mount on the rollbar and got a 1.01 swr. Also, if you weren't already, check your output...
  2. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    A&H Collision in Dawsonville. Not sure how custom they can get, but they do awesome work
  3. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    @iradi8 wouxun radios get really good reviews. They have everything from very basic all the way to advanced radios, both handheld and mobile.
  4. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    You would probably like the mxt275. Easy to use and easy to install out of sight. If you already have it, might as well use it 👍
  5. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    Can you post a picture?
  6. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    It is strange. A switched source is a switched source. Shouldn't matter if it's a power point, toggle switch, or aux switch that is controlled by the position of the ignition switch. Just for fun, run a temporary power circuit to the battery with a toggle switch and see if it works. Shouldn't...
  7. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    My 575 will power up when I turn on the Aux switch it's connected to. For clarity, I initially turned the radio on with the power button on the mic and haven't touched it since.
  8. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    I also found a discount code, OFFER15, that brought the total to 367.20. That was through Midland's website. Not sure if the code still works.
  9. Super Clean GMRS Radio Install!

    Midland just came out with the 50W MXT575 about a week ago. Same as the 275, but 50W
  10. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    You're correct. It all depends on your individual situation, terrain, wants and needs. For trail rides with a group it is great.
  11. GMRS (HAM/CB/MURS,etc) rear antenna mount

    A Midland magnet mount with the Midland 3db Ghost antenna fits perfectly on the roll bar under the soft top. I got a 1.01 SWR reading with the top up.
  12. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    Side steps help some, but the front area if the front doors still get rocks. Unfortunately, mud flaps are the only option that will help that I'm aware of. I'm going to have to get some soon.
  13. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    Mine came from the dealer with 43 to 45 lbs. It seemed to ride a little rough, so I dropped them down to 39 and it rides much better. Haven't noticed any uneven tire wear.
  14. Radio (GMRS/HAM/CB) Installations

    The glovebox is open to the top, so there should be more airflow with the dash cavity getting air in from the front floorboards. When I replaced my dash speakers, I could see down into the glovebox from the passenger side speaker location.
  15. Radio (GMRS/HAM/CB) Installations

    That is a very nice radio which I plan to eventually get. If it does fit in the center console under the cup holders, I would be concerned about airflow, especially when transmitting. That particular radio has a cooling fan that may help a little in an enclosed area, but it does produce a good...
  16. Nick72

    Georgia Bronco

    Jacky Jones in Cleveland did mine at MSRP. They have since been bought by John Megel, so I'm not sure if that is still in play. Great experience overall
  17. Big50's Badlands build

    That is a great solution. What NMO mount did you use?