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  1. Let’s wager for fun and a gift card

    Let’s wager for fun and because weIl I have nothing to be excited about today. 8/17/20 reservation, 2 door Badlands at Granger. We’re at 612 days, do you think we hit 1000? Put an exact day WE GET A VIN in the comments and I will give the winner who guesses closest a $25 gift card.
  2. Colorado Sold: (5) Falken Wildpeak 285/70/17 $1000 OBO

    Hey everyone, I’m swapping my gladiator tires out and expanding my chance to sell the tires. Obviously I know nobody here will want the Jeep rims but they’re still attached so they’re in the photo. 😂 Anyways, I have (5) 285/70/17 Falken Wildpeak tires with 2,500 miles on them. 4 on the Jeep and...
  3. Jack Stands?

    Anyone have any recommended brands of Jack stands they’ve used? Horror stories? Torin? Pro lift? Google is of no use since everything you look up is just an article linking to Amazon sales for profit.