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  1. BigFoot-Bronco Event-OREGON-Aug. 21

    BRONCOS and BigFoot EVENT !!! Sunday August 21st, 2022 11am at the North American BigFoot Center in Boring Oregon. WHY NOT?! Many have the Sasquatch package and this just seems like a nice tie-in event and a chance to do something fun together. Even if you have no Squatch package, you are of...
  2. HELP-are these the right brackets (Rigid 40" light bar)

    Are these the right brackets for the 40" Rigid Light Bar, mounts to the OEM roof rack. The proper bracket for roof rack mount is BRRL not BRL. Entire kit#: M-15200K-BRRL Secondary question: if you received this light bar, whether it is roof mount or rack mount....DID YOUR COME WITH A WIRING...
  3. Anyone install Rough Country Tailgate Reinforcement?

    Anyone have the Rough Country Tailgate Reinforcement? How was the install? Do they provide any rubber padding or bushings to keep the reinforcement metal off of the tailgate painted surfaces (including on the hinges)? Thanks for any feedback and photos!
  4. Anyone that has ordered the (thru FORD) Rigid 40" light Bar

    Anyone that has ordered the (thru FORD) Rigid 40" light Bar ROOF RACK MOUNTED #M-15200K-BRRL: Did your kit come with the brackets for mounting to the factory roof rack? (I realize the "BRRL" is for the roof rack unit and that another # exists for just a roof mounted-no rack option) Did your...
  5. Dealer; Ford will not allow order change.

    Anyone else heard of this or have it happen??? I called my Dealer today to drop the tow package (you know explanation needed). He said he was just notified that my order and about 10 others were now flagged with a Priority 10 code and that NOTHING on the order could be changed. I...
  6. Bronco as a Loaner/Impressions

    I am having some accessories installed on my new Ranger Tremor today and look what the Dealer let me drive for a loaner!!! (yes I have a Bronco on order). The ride was smooth on the highway and I was surprised by no extra road or wind noise from the soft top. Love the dash look....the plastics...
  7. Sasquatch Trim "Wing"

    Today I ordered aftermarket wheels and tires (even though I don't even have my Bronco yet). I have a Black Diamond non-Sasquatch on order, 2 door. I may need the larger gray plastic wheel well trim pieces, the Sasquatch size for proper and legal tire coverage (I won't know what the "look" will...
  8. Ford Tracker down?

    Is the Ford Tracking Page down or something/again? I enter order and VIN#, hit accept and goes no where. (I have been using it for a month and it worked). Thanks
  9. Can our Hard Tops Hold this?

    Just curious if our hardtops will be able to support this? (Sorry ladies...feel free to post a hunk on one). .....heh.....some humor while we wait!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Shipping Cost of Bronco?

    Have we seen any explanation why the shipping of the Bronco is higher than the Ranger? Both are from the same factory. The Bronco is $1495.00 while the Ranger is only $1195.00 Just something new to talk about. Any ideas???
  11. Help for those forced to re-order a MY22

    I thought I would start a post for those of us forced into doing a re-order (pushed from MY21 to MY22). Lets help each other and post factual information. IF you have a document from FORD or a reputable Dealer, please POST IT. Some things that would be helpful so we all get through this...
  12. What Did You Get(customer satisfaction cash)

    The Customer Satisfaction Cash Program. If you got anything or when you it here. It would be nice to see IF Dealers are utilizing this program and to what extent. Also.....what you are receiving.
  13. If you add towing package (hitch) you lose the tow hook?

    The Bronco comes with a rear tow hook. If you add the towing package (hitch) you then lose the tow hook on the BRONCO? The reason I ask; I have a Ranger Tremor on order also. It comes with 2 rear tow hooks...but....when you add the towing package/hitch....the rear tow hooks are lost...
  14. Master List: What we are supposed to get for delays in delivery

    Due to Delays in Builds and Delivery, Ford has announced some benefits we all get (with date cutoffs) I thought we needed a master location to list them off so that we are sure to receive them. An example would be; Free headliner for MIC top orders. Help everyone by listing all of them including...
  15. Latest Ford Accessory List with Photos?

    Can anyone help and post a link to the most up to date Accessory List WITH photos. I know several have been posted but I can't find it in search. I am also specifically looking for the Rigid RACK mounted light bar kit. #M-15200K-BRRL Thank you.
  16. What are you using for MUD FLAPS?

    What are you using for mud flaps (that also help with rock toss)??? Brands and links appreciated to help everyone. I see a potential issue in finding some to fit and work based on the design. See Photo. Typical mud flaps are fastened to and often screwed into the fender lip or just inside...
  17. MY22 Build Poll

  18. No Anniversary Present

    Just venting like many. When I reserved our Bronco last year, based on the known information, updates, projected time lines, etc. I presumed we would receive it this Fall, possibly late Summer. My wife and I considered it a 25th Anniversary Gift (September 2021) for ourselves. I even got...
  19. What happened to the Employee MAP Video?

    Anyone know what happened to the employee video of MAP plant "tour". Some of us are looking forward to seeing it. Thank you.
  20. Saw one in the Wild

    Albany, Oregon 7-20-21 at 2:40pm, Pacific Blvd. by WINCO....I just saw a 4 door Gray Bronco rolling down the asphalt. I passed by it mesmerized by the white "BRONCO" in the grill....I could not tell you if it had a MIC or soft top or what Model it was. At first I thought I was seeing things...