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  1. First real snow- one issue

    The window drop down hasn’t been an issue, even with snow melting/re-freezing overnight. Frozen buildup on the rear fender flare (4 door) will prevent the rear doors from opening. Hoping that something like 303 protectant or similar will help the flares shed buildup.
  2. It’s worth the wait

    I know most of you are unhappy, and getting impatient. Yes, because you want your Bronco now, but you likely knew you’d be waiting for a while. More likely it’s because of the lack of meaningful communication. Especially the #BadBatch crowd, who know they’re built but can’t get any info...
  3. Tire load rating

    This is not another “HOW BIG CAN I GO” post! I’m planning on going with 265/75 R16 on the stock wheels. Can someone explain load rating for someone who’s been off the trails for a dozen years? Are a standard load tire adequate? Is it worth the $ to go with 10 ply load rating E?
  4. Insurance quotes for VIN holders?

    VIN recipients, have you gotten an insurance quote yet? I know, way too many factors go into what determines your premium. More curious to see what the range is. My current (and soon to be old) provider is almost $500 more than my re-quote.
  5. Initial allocation- Q3 only?

    It was stated that build would be scheduled out by quarter. Is initial allocation going to be for Q3 or for the rest of 21?
  6. Can SYNC 4 recalibrate speedometer?

    I’m still driving something with Sync v01, so I was blown away with the capabilities of Sync in the Sport that I test drove (Sync 3, or did the Sport get 4 also?). With everything that Sync seems able to do now, is there any reason why it doesn’t have the ability to update tire size and recal...
  7. Garage Swag

    Had to get the projector and tools out to make the FIL a Ford oval wall hanger, so I knocked out this guy also. Not sure if I want to color match (if I can decide on a color) or paint it silver. Any ideas??
  8. 303 Graphene Nano

    Not Bronco specific, but has anyone tried this yet? They say safe for all surfaces: paint, trim, glass, etc.
  9. Can’t decide- 2 or 4 door

    Ok, some are going to call me crazy- it’s ok, they’re probably right! I reserved a base 4 door, and have stayed that course. Until now? Two kids, wife, dog, etc. has mostly dictated the extra cargo room of a 4 door. Don’t really need Sasquatch, but for just about the same price I could go 2...
  10. Tools needed for hardtop or door removal?

    I searched, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Both hard tops feature tool-free removal, correct? And the doors require a bolt to be removed? Is Ford providing a tool kit? I noticed the engine bay is lacking space and tie downs for a tool box like my ‘84 Bronco had...
  11. Turn off TPMS when you air down?

    Can you turn off the TPMS sensor when you air down? My last off road capable vehicle was an 84 Bronco, and TPMS wasn’t a thing.
  12. 2 door/4 door Base price disparity

    There’s a $4700 jump from Base 2 door to 4 door, a larger jump than any other trim. With the automatic transmission no longer standard on the 4 door, what are he chances that price difference comes down?