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  1. When should I even expect to get a VIN?

    I ordered my Bronco about 5 months ago. When should I even expect to get a VIN? Do they not release that until it's scheduled to be built? I have no build date at this time and realistically don't expect to receive it this year.
  2. 422 Days and Still Waiting

    Production didn't start until June of 2021. You've been waiting for 9 months. That is a long wait though.
  3. Practicality of a Bronco

    Unless the economy collapses and gas gets to $10 a gallon.
  4. Bronco Raptor order bank is OPEN!

    Ford can't produce the regular Bronco. The odds of them producing any raptors this year is pretty slim.
  5. 4x4 keeps disabling

    Oh man....beach driving is really the only off roading I do. Hoping the Bronco can handle sand without snapping axles.
  6. Fuel pricing and ADM (predictions?)

    Everyone was abandoning pickups and SUVs then. There were signs at dealerships stating that they would not accept a truck or SUV in trade.
  7. Loving the Look of the Soft Top Without the Windows

    Yeah. The wavy windows look bad.
  8. 4x4 keeps disabling

    Wow! What did you do to snap the axle?
  9. ⏱ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (3/7)

    I give you credit. No way I'd wait almost 2 years without hearing anything. I'd have bought something else by then.
  10. Removed Tow Package

    If you just need the tow package for a bike rack or something like that, get the curt hitch for around $150 and bolt it on yourself in about 15 minutes. I think the wiring kit for the four pin connector will be fairly easy to install yourself as well. If I was told that's what was holding me up...
  11. Removed Tow Package

    Unfortunately, trailer tow is only one of the constraints. Then there's your dealer's allocation and where you stand in line. I'm tempted to drop the tow package as I only need the 4 pin connector for a small kayak trailer. But I also have the 2.7, hard top and Lux package so I'm guessing it...
  12. Sad Day..... Bronco towed away for transmission issue

    Gotta plan ahead. I live very close to my dealership, they say they will give me a loaner when in for service and I'll probably buy an extended warranty.
  13. Fuel economy at 70-80 mph?

    And your 4runner was doing that on regular gas. You really need to run premium in these ecoboost engines and that's 20% more expensive than regular.
  14. Good News, and Mostly Bad News - 2021 in 2022

    I definitely wouldn't pay MSRP for a 2021 delivered halfway through 2022. The order banks for a 2023 will probably open in September.
  15. How lucky are we?!

    It's all relative. Life is short.
  16. Not a bash poll more of opinion poll on do I buy my Bronco knowing about the 2.7 Motor issues?

    Right! That's a pretty big job. How much experience do these dealership techs have at installing an entirely new engine? Might be their first time.
  17. Not a bash poll more of opinion poll on do I buy my Bronco knowing about the 2.7 Motor issues?

    I figure, by the time mine comes in at the end of 2022, if I'm lucky, they will have the issue sorted.
  18. NIGHTMARE!!! Intersection Accident

    Is it even possible for a body shop to get Bronco parts and sheet metal?