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  1. Big Bend Bronco Build- Non SAS to 35's with 2in Lift & Fuel Wheels

    Bronco Big-Bend 2.7 MIC Non-SAS Tow Package, Mid Package, Upgraded Stock Wheels to Falken 35's with 17'' Fuel Rebel Wheels
  2. Big Bend Build

    2.7 BB, MIC, Tow Package, Black. Today I ordered 35 A/T's, Fuel Wheels, and a 2in lift. Should be finished by Dec 1.
  3. Has anyone taken delivery of a MIC Dirt Mountain Rebuild or MIC since the annoncement?

    2.7 BB, MIC, Tow, Mid-Package order. I was on my 6th production reschedule when the MIC announcement took place. No further communication on the latest 09/12 build date. I'm assuming OCT/Nov at this point. Anyone hear anything different?
  4. I can no longer “Stay Pumped”

    Misery loves company and there appears to be plenty of company in recent threads between MIC problems, rogue warning lights, and of course the continued production delays. As of last night, I am now on the 6th build date change with 8/30 listed as week of production. Considering we are all...
  5. Off-Roadeo Texas With Pics

    First Post, thanks to everyone posting their content and helping fellow Bronco enthusiasts out. I attended the Texas Off-Roadeo event this weekend 7-11/7-12 and I’ve come away a believer. Prior to this weekend my offroad experience was limited to fourwheelers and dirtbikes so I didn’t know...