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  1. Bronco Vehicle Cover Options/Alternatives

    I’m cheap and trying to see what works out there to cover/protect the bronco from the elements when in various stages of toplessness. Not looking for a $300 cover! There are a ton of affordable Jeep covers out there. Do they fit? @Amcole1984 is using a jeep fitted Oasis cover, but that’s not...
  2. Firewall pass-through for power supply on 7MT.

    I was prepping for a powered sub install today. I’ve heard others use a small rubber grommet on the drivers side. On a manual transmission it looks to be used by the clutch. I could poke a hole in the giant rubber wire bundle pass-though but was hoping for another option.
  3. Roof straps for hardtop.

    So I didn't get the roof rails with my 2-door. Looking at it now, maybe I should have, but I didn't really like the bulky look of them and figured I could get them later or some other aftermarket one. Well, I hear you still can't get the oem one yet, and it'll probably be twice the price so...
  4. Rear trac-bar shimmy?

    So sometimes I take speed bumps with a little speed. I’m pretty sure I’m hitting them square, but feels like the rear end does a swing out to the right. Is that just normal due to the rear trac-bar?
  5. Surf - Key fob dead zone?

    I want to go water adventuring without hauling the key fob electronics. I just want to carry the key blade with me. Bronco won’t let me keep the doors locked with the rest of the fob inside. With my past vehicle I could bypass this by manually locking all the doors with the blade. I found I...
  6. ‘Da Kine’ Bronco Build

    Aloha! The reserve-wait-order-wait-wait-wait-wait saga is finally over! It’s here. What to do next? This will be my spot to post the “what’s going on” of my island bronco. Base, 2.3L MT w/ Mod Bumper What have I done so far? Nothing! Just enjoy driving a stick again for the past couple...
  7. Half a level kit? 0.5" lift up front?

    So the zone and rough country 1” level kits are spilt on the top and bottom of the coilover. Has anyone only done half of the level kit? So 1/2 inch upfront.
  8. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    People are getting their Broncos! Let the mods begin! Show us your rig with completed wheel/tire upgrades and specs (wheel/tire size and offset). 1st I’ve seen for customer builds is @Jb7 with 285/70r17 KO2s on stock big bend. @BigBronco1 BD w/ +30 RTRs 33 KO2s Check out the flush fender...
  9. Carbonized Gray 2-Door Badlands (Non-Sas) earns rightful spot on the podium!

    And the winner is... Photos from Bronco_Battalion_USA
  10. Base bronco cargo floor?

    I’m getting a base bronco with floor liners and cargo protector, but I’m still not sure if the base cargo floor is plastic or carpet lined. Anyone got hard facts? BN walkaround besides showing a squatch like every other video doesn’t answer this. Thanks in advance!
  11. 7/13 Reservation build date.

    How much of a difference do you guys think an hour timestamp difference will affect build date? I got 2 reservations initially because, I wasn’t sure if I wanted 2 or 4 doors and wasn’t clear if that locked you in. Of course we know you can order whatever you want now. Anyway, 1st one was...
  12. Crushed Dreams in Paradise

    So I drove to all the dealers on the island today. I had checked previously with my dealer and was told it was too early to know what they were doing with pricing. I guess I should have known then that was a bad sign. I just assumed MSRP, and no chance of anything less. So my reservation...
  13. Hardtop recycling program (2-door)

    I really want a soft top for my two door. Hoping I won’t have to wait too long for an aftermarket solution. So for those of us who are basically getting a hardtop to weatherproof our vehicles for delivery, what’s the environmentally-friendly/economical solution? Won’t be much of a market for...
  14. Bronco FOB

    Found this on the gram. Can’t wait till I get a chance to hold one of these! Edit: Hmm...might be a sport under there. Might need to crop that out! Take your pick!