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  1. Rock Slide Engineering install question

    YOU AREA GREEK GOD!!! THANK YOU!!! BATTERY: That's the same I did. (Someone else told me they did the same thing so i feel better.) BRACKET: I don't even have that so I'll call with them tomorrow. Thanks again for the pictures and for the feedback. You are awesome!
  2. Rock Slide Engineering install question

    @BlueOvalBandit or anyone else, Can someone please post a picture of where you connected to the battery and grounded? I can go directly to the battery but can I also use the positive connector to the fuse box? Also, any tips on going over the gas tank? I keep getting hung up on something and I...
  3. LatinoComedian

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    Hey party people! I'm sorry that I've been AWOL. I'll keep checking in cause I'm ready to go back out. I saw that Tyler went in the trails the day after the snowstorm and I'm annoyed that i missed that. Don't want to miss any fun outings again. I'll post here if I see something coming up.
  4. LatinoComedian

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    @ACass98 I haven't changed anything there from stock. That's what comes in the Badlands Sasquatch package.
  5. LatinoComedian

    Jersey / East Cost Bronco

    We were talking about great it will be to cruise through the city in the summer with the top down. Can't wait to take my "Black Land Rover" (translation: Antimatter Blue Ford Bronco).
  6. Ski Carrier Options

    Got it on. I had to remove the 3rd trail light (I'm still wondering if an extender would have prevented me having to do this -State regulations). Once I did that, it went on pretty smooth. You'll have to play around with the arms so they aren't digging into your spare but once you get it, it's...
  7. Ski Carrier Options

    I didn't. I have to revive the light over the spare. By the time I got off of work it was getting dark.
  8. LatinoComedian

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @fronc Thanks so much. I will look into that. All the best.
  9. Ski Carrier Options

    Perfect. Thanks so much!
  10. LatinoComedian

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @fronc I just got my American Adventure Labs MASS STP and I tried quickly putting on my tire today. Admittedly, I didn't spend a lot of time on it (it's COLD out here) but I wanted to ask, did you have any issues with it hitting the rear brake light over the spare? Did you just put the MASS...
  11. Ski Carrier Options

    I literally got mine last night and it was quite easy to assemble. I tried mounting it on my spare tire this morning and I hit the rear brake light that is over the spare tire. I will look at it a bit later today but I'm curious if anyone knows a simple fix or if it is a matter of looking at it...
  12. LatinoComedian

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    I posted this also in the other thread, but here are a couple videos from my IG account and thanks to you guys for setting this up and helping me learn where I needed.
  13. LatinoComedian

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    I posted up on IG some of the videos of me going through the ice...
  14. Rough Country 8-Inch Cree Lights Experience

    UPDATE: Well, I have to hand it to I ordered that bracket yesterday afternoon and it was in my mailbox today. I know that a lot has to do with the fact that I am only one state away, but it also means that they processed that order quickly and got it out the door really fast...
  15. Rough Country 8-Inch Cree Lights Experience

    Dude! I literally ordered these TODAY from you guys. Your customer service guy on the phone was FANTASTIC. He knew exactly what I was looking for and answered all my stupid questions. Thank you so much. Can't wait to get these in!
  16. LatinoComedian

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    I'm in like Flynn. Just updated my status. Just got my recovery boards so i will get a strap, some sandwiches, and a bottle of water. Let's do this!!!! Just let me know where we will meet up and I'll be there ready to go! Thank you for setting this up. I use Gaia so I'll have to look up and see...
  17. Rough Country 8-Inch Cree Lights Experience

    These would have been so easy to install if I just would have had the brackets from the beginning. Now it's cold so there will be a lot more swearing involved when I install them. Thanks so much for your help. You're right, not RC's fault and now I have learned a lesson for my next light kit...
  18. Rough Country 8-Inch Cree Lights Experience

    That's probably what I'm missing! (I.M.N. IDIOT) Thanks for providing the link. I'll look through that and update. Thanks for your help and hopefully others will read this and avoid posting an embarrassing post for something so simple.
  19. Rough Country 8-Inch Cree Lights Experience

    Sorry to go AWOL there. I am sicker than a dog. I'm try to get out and take some pics with what they give and how it looks.