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  1. Dirt Drag Race - Bronco 2.7 vs Wrangler 3.6

    Looking at it again you are right. The Wrangler 3.6 is not exactly fast. I think real world acceleration at highway speeds (and specially at elevation) the Bronco (even the 2.3) is going to be much faster/peppy feeling.
  2. Dirt Drag Race - Bronco 2.7 vs Wrangler 3.6

    Off the line all the broncos are slow, even the Raptor. They just dont do well on the drag strip (unsurprisingly). The Bronco Raptor is almost 6,000 lbs. very very heavy for the size
  3. (Update) Previewing !!- Scheduled

    Those deals (same with Granger) are not worth it if you end up waiting until 2023-2024 to get a Bronco and have to deal with MUCH higher financing interest rates.
  4. I'm an Idiot or Going Insane [Updated With Final Location of Key Fob 🙀]

    Seems the OP disappeared along with the keys...
  5. ADV launches their 5” fiberglass fender flares

    Wow. These look awesome.
  6. ADV launches their 5” fiberglass fender flares

    I dont like the Brodozer look but its nice to have options. Still looking for a nice solution to the wide wheel / tire look in the Bronco. The Raptor fenders dont really look great even though they cover the wheels/tires. Honestly so far the Bronco Everglades fenders do the best job and look the...
  7. I'm an Idiot or Going Insane [Updated With Final Location of Key Fob 🙀]

    I think I know exactly where it is. PM me your exact address and I will take care of it. Sometime between 11pm and 5am. :ROFLMAO:
  8. Race Red Wildtrak Build in KY

    Maybe its because of the yellow in the light covers.
  9. TFL Bronco Raptor Walkaround Ahead of Driving Reviews Embargo Lift June 20 ! 🦖

    It is, Ford should really use 2 air boxes (one on each side) on the TT V6's to at least cut down on the excessive plastic air tube mess. Also, the dual fuel injection systems create additional clutter but changing that is a huge issue.
  10. Well, This sucks.

    I don't think you should buy the Bronco even now at current rates. You are clearly saying It is not responsible for you to do so. Might be a blessing in disguise that the Bronco you ordered has not been built. Revisit the option to buy one in a few years. By then it will be a better vehicle...
  11. Should I order now or wait?

    They might get 100,000 orders that first week. This is crazy.
  12. Wrong order being built

    I would keep the BD. Dont worry about having lockers. Most trails even pretty difficult ones can be done easily without lockers (in fact a lot of times you dont want to engage them even if you have them) as long as you have good tires and the BD comes with a great set. The Bronco is still...
  13. New 22 Bronco in July; is my 21 Bronco worth that much?

    Ship it to the USA and sell it there. You can use, vroom, carmax etc and sell it quickly and easily. FB groups suck.
  14. Issues from 1st time engaging 4x4 with 1000 miles

    You are not wrong. Many Broncos have had tons of different issues. Lets call it growing pains on a brand new vehicle during the pandemic. Good thing is you got one of the more simple models in the line with the least crap possible. Well a base is the one with the least stuff but imagine one of...
  15. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Update: Back in the Saddle Again]

    It is complex since it has both direct injection (very high pressure) and manifold injection. The system in the 2.3 is a bit simpler.
  16. [Update: It’s Back!!] Delivered Bronco taken back to Michigan by Ford

    Wow! Congrats. Cyber Orange looks the BEST by FAR in the Outer Banks non-Sas. Love it!
  17. Retro Cyber Orange Bronco with chrome bumpers 2-door build

    Looks amazing except the wheel offset and tire size, looks a bit off / odd. I would also chrome he grill, would look even better.
  18. Ford updated the soft top clips recently

    Ford Soft Top is a POS top but works, at least for a while, for now. I prefer it to the best top even though the best top looks much better and tighter because the Ford top has the option to remove the windows and stack it in the back easily.
  19. First day with my Bronco, 1000 mile road trip and slept in back on air mattress

    Looks awesome! Why was the guy selling this beauty? How much?