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  1. Canada - Ontario looking to trade non sas fenders for sas fenders

    Hello i have 2 door black dimond looking to trade my fenders for sas fenders and bumper end caps just got it so 200 km or 120 mi on it. im in ontario canada. let me know thanks to all. and does any one know if there is a rubber matt not a cloth sheet that will cover the full back with seats down.
  2. Colorado Black Dimond upgraded rims and stock tires 32

    Im in Ontario Canada but could not change location I Just received my window sticker and delivery coming soon. I don't need upgraded wheels that I ordered for the black Dimond and stock 32 tires wont be used new ones will be put on at dealer. Im in Ontario canada. Thanks
  3. Year change - at what point does my Bronco become a 2022?

    Hello everyone. I've looked for my answer but cant find it. I ordered march 17 2021 I have a vin But build dates keep getting changed as we all know. Now I'm scheduled for Nov 8 2021 at what point does my bronco become a 2022. I would not be happy to receive it in December and it be s 2021...
  4. Will my Bronco scheduled for 10/25 be a 2022 Model Year?

    Hi What I'm asking might be out there already but I cant find it so an answer would be great. My 21 2 door was ordered march 18th and was to be built aug 26th. Now its scheduled for Oct 25th at what point does it become a 22 on the ownership. Thanks in advance