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  1. What are these "New Story" notifications and how do I stop them?

    Super annoying. How do you turn them off?
  2. Northwest Territories four wheelin?

    I am thinking of checking out the Northwest Territories this summer and I was wondering if there are any trails worth bringing my Bronco on. Also any suggestions on must see and do things? This would be my first trip to NWT.
  3. Watched threads

    Can you change it so the default is to watch without sending emails? I always forget to do this when I start a thread.
  4. Home brewed Bronco pickup.

    Does anyone have anymore info on this?
  5. Sirius radio keeps jumping back to channel 1

    Sometimes when I change channels on my Sirius radio it jumps back to the preview channel on channel 1. This happens quite often and it is very annoying. Doesn't matter if I turn the tuning dial or use the touch screen, it happens either way. There does not seem to be any pattern to when this...
  6. Canadian Upfitter Switches

    I filled up the last of my Auxiliary switches this morning.
  7. You thought prices were high in Canada and the USA?

    The Bronco Sport Wildtrak starts at an eye watering 8.177 million Pesos in Argentina (US$74,877 C$95,991)!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!one!! :oops::oops::oops:
  8. Turning front camera on when proximity sensor is active.

    I have searched and I couldn't find it but is there a way to have the front camera turn on when the proximity sensors go off? Seems to me that this should be the default setting but obviously it isn't. Otherwise, why have a front camera?
  9. Windshield Wiper Weirdness!

    Today was the first time I have needed my windshield wipers for more than a quick swipe or two. When I turned the knob to continuous it wiped for approximately one minute and then started wiping intermittently. It did this on normal and on high. That’s the absolute last thing I want to happen...
  10. Dash gauge and radio brightness issue

    I don't really know if this is a problem or if there is a setting that I am missing. I have set my display brightness to manual Daytime and it still dims and brightens whenever I drive in and out of the long shadows of afternoon. It is very annoying. Switching to Night mode seems to stop it...
  11. Ford Customer Service is actually excellent.

    @Ford Motor Company Regardless, or in spite of all of the hate that has been leveled at Ford (a lot of it justified) for the bungled rollout of the Bronco, Ford's actual customer service people are excellent. I have never had to use the customer service line for a vehicle before but with the...
  12. FordPass Connect does not work anymore.

    For some strange reason I can no longer connect to my Bronco with the FordPass app. When I click on the Vehicle tab it shows me the mileage, fuel level and where my Bronco was on January 1st. I also noticed that the Weather no longer works on my Nav menu but this may be a separate issue. . I...
  13. Have any Canadians received an assembly line photo?

    I never did received my assembly line photo and I was wondering if any other Canadians had received theirs. @Ford Motor Company why is it so hard to get any sort of communication from Ford of Canada?
  14. Stopped by the scale yesterday.

    Put my Bronco on the scale yesterday. It was reading 140 kg empty so subtracting that from the 2400 kg displayed makes it 2260 kg or 4982 lbs. That’s with half a tank of gas and no cargo of any kind. That’s about 200 lbs heavier than my 4 door Explorer including the winch. I am not really...
  15. Does anyone else's Sync think that you gave it a voice command but it is actually hearing the radio?

    I've had the Sync lady tell me that she didn't understand my command about 5 times so far even though each time it is either a radio announcer or a commercial talking and I haven't pushed any buttons. I keep telling her she's hearing things but she doesn't listen. Is this happening to anyone else?
  16. A nice little trick. Auto Start-Stop disables automatically in cold temperatures.

    I am getting used to the auto start-stop and it has a much better calibration than other vehicles I have driven with it so I don’t mind it. I have noticed that auto start-stop is automatically disabled by the computer when driving in very cold temperatures. I have not been able to determine the...
  17. Possible power steering issue.

    This afternoon I started my Bronco for the first time in a week and a half and strangely the steering was not strong enough to turn the wheels when parked. I rolled forward and was able to turn with way more effort than when I last drove it. After a 20 km drive the steering is better but still...
  18. Has anyone figured out how to change the Bronco in the overhead camera view?

    I would like to change the colour fo the Bronco in the overhead camera view from silver to Rapid Red. Does anyone know how to do this?
  19. Hood dent on my new Bronco

    Yesterday I went to my dealer to take a look at my Bronco before they did the PDI. I took the opportunity to go for a little test drive of about 22 km. I was thoroughly impressed but while I was driving it I noticed a dent in the hood. It is on the passenger's side about halfway between the...
  20. Anyone know what the lug size and thread pitch are?

    I am guessing that since the bolts circle is 6 on 5 1/2 that the wheel lugs are 1/2”-20 but can anyone confirm this?