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  1. "No-Step" Rock Slider from GOAT Fabrication

    Here's the first look of a new product we're just finishing up. This is our "No-Step" Rock Slider. It attaches with the same sub-structure mounting system as our regular Rock Sliders, but is a single tube design. This provides a tighter to the body, all business solution for those looking for...
  2. Windshield Light Bar by GOAT Fabrication

    Here's a first look at our mean muggin' low-profile GOAT Light Mount prototype. More details and pics coming soon, stay tuned.
  3. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Finally a true rock slider for the new Bronco. 2" x .134 wall steel tubing. Will be finished in primer and textured black powder coat. Attaches to rigid sub-frame not just a pinch seam mount. 12 bolted locations per side. GOAT Fabrication rock sliders will be available soon with our lifetime...