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  1. Massachusetts WTS 4 door factory rock sliders

    4 door badlands factory rock sliders. No brackets included. These are not brand spanking new. They were taken off at 5k miles. But they don't have any marks on them. They look clean. Asking only $100 because I know you have to buy the brackets. No shipping. Local pickup only.
  2. Massachusetts WTT my badlands flares for your Sas Flares.

    I will pay for shipping both ways.
  3. Big Red - 2021 Race Red Badlands 7MT

    2021 Badlands. Race Red, 7MT, High Pkg, Tow Pkg, soft top. Built 8/9/2021. Received mid-September, 2021. Production line at MAP Carrier delivery to dealer. Dealer pickup Here is my list of intended mods. I know some of this piddly stuff doesn't qualify as a mod. ITEM BOUGHT...
  4. Dashboard tray sticky pads?

    Anyone have suggestions on sticky pads for the trays up on the dashboard? Up in front of the windshield, there is a storage area that is sectioned into 4 shallow compartments. Sunglasses, phone or other stuff end up there. But the hard plastic is slippery as shit and all that stuff will shoot...
  5. F O R D letters for grille?

    Anyone come across a solution for changing the grille letters to F O R D? I'm not interested in the raptor grille. I don't want those giant raptor letters. I'm thinking something more heritage style. I would consider using the "67 style letters if they fit the space well. But my dream...
  6. Seat Position and Visibility Disappointment

    Test drove a Big Bend Sas yesterday at my local dealer. Disappointed for a few reasons. Some of the stuff has been beat to death, but I'll list anyway, because I noticed. sound system: sucks interface on 12" screen: weak (compared to 2021 Sienna) Driveability: 10/10 Off-road capabilities...
  7. Massachusetts WTT your race red mirrors and/or door handles for my black mirrors or handles

    I have a Race Red Badlands 4dr. I want to trade my black mirrors and/or door handles and I am looking for race red from an Outer Banks.