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  1. Hardtop sound deadening mod using Kilmat

    This is perfect! Just need someone that has a similar setup without the sound deadening to do the same lol. If not I can do it when I get mine in a couple months
  2. Hardtop sound deadening mod using Kilmat

    I know this is asking a lot, but can you measure the decibels at 60 mph and someone else with a regular hard top do the same? Genuinely curious. lol
  3. To Squatch or Not To Squatch on Badlands

    This. This is why I did it cause I know 35s will be more than I will ever need, it completes the look that I want, and most importantly, you can have it all covered under warranty for YEARS. But of course from a value standpoint alone, its not worth it IF 33s are enough for you.
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the carpet?

    Beautiful. Please let me know when its ready to purchase!
  5. Does anyone know how to remove the carpet?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Just a new plastic tube line that runs under the console and a nice manual dual vent where you can cut into the console and install. This would probably end up being one of the best selling accessories.
  6. Does anyone know how to remove the carpet?

    What's crazy is that I'm starting to believe that the only reason they didn't run it to the back console is just so they can put the print that says "do not step". Which is insane. Maybe for legal reasons, but still.
  7. Does anyone know how to remove the carpet?

    off topic, but honestly now that I'm looking at this photo, I cant imagine it would be that hard to reroute the rear AC vents that are under the seats to the rear console. People would be all over that.
  8. FORD where is our 21 BRONCO???? It’s gone M.I.A.

    At least if this was you, you would have closure. lol
  9. Pulled for Bronco Raptor and told it's going to cost $5k over MSRP

    Take it and run. This deal is way more than fair in this current market.
  10. Upgrade before sale or not?

    Normally mods are a loss during resale but this market is anything but normal. I would still sell as is just in case. The minimal gains of adding more stuff if possible doesnt offset the odds of losing more by adding more upgrades. If that makes sense
  11. Got Keyed Last Night

    Sorry that happened man. That's down to the metal, its gonna need a body shop to bondo the scratch and repaint the whole door.
  12. How much would you pay to Turo a Raptor at Silver Lake?

    My response was to do more research before going the renting route. I never make decisions for others, just try to help and inform them with what I do know from experience. And sounds like you're no longer in the rental business, wonder why. Also you rented everything BUT cars. Do your...
  13. Anyone want my Bronco Raptor reservation?

    No risk at all. You'll easily make 50k+. Tow it from the dealer to another dealership to keep the miles off and sell it on consignment.
  14. How much would you pay to Turo a Raptor at Silver Lake?

    I know no one wants to hear this but if you cant afford it you're much better off flipping it. And if you REALLY want to keep it, renting it works but do your research first, renting can be a nightmare and you may not even want it after a bunch of people beat it up on the trails and streets...
  15. Wheels that look like Everglades wheels?
  16. 3rd Party Purchase from Dealership

    I remember reading somewhere that Ford allows any family member within the same household to purchase from the reservation. They just might ask for proof so heads up
  17. 2021 Bronco Rough Country Hidden Winch Mount & Skid Plate Kit 51054

    Looks like a great solution to have a winch without blocking the camera. Does it affect ground clearance in any way?
  18. Driver Error?

    Probably had no supporting mods and just threw 37s on