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  1. Looking for accessory power in engine bay

    I haven't looked yet, but I need an accessory power wire to hook up my switch panel. The wire is on the box mounted to the fuse box. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Stereo upgrade questions

    Hey everybody! So I installed the jbl soundbar, it's awesome! But then I had the idea to switch everything to jbl. So now I have the jbl fuse, basically 8" subs and 4" jbl clubs. I have not installed either yet because I'm looking for the right stuff. The clubs are 3 ohms, is that go to be an...
  3. Where to get your jbl soundbar flashed

    Where in southern california can I get my jbl soundbard flashed? My local dealer wants to keep it for 3 days to "figure it out". I'm in Norco, southern california. Anybody already take theirs somewhere around me to get done?