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  1. 2.3 Reviews

    Has anyone who has gotten the 2.3 been dissappointed? I'd be super interested in hearing from those that have driven both. I drive a 3.6 eTorque Wrangler and I've heard it's a dog compared to both. It has a 3.45 gear ratio with 33s so that may have something to do with it. I was Bronco 2.7...
  2. Who has the most miles on their 2021 Bronco?

    Anyone over 20k yet?
  3. Build and price not matching order MSRP

    For all trim levels (base through badlands) the dealer MSRP has matched the B&P. For Wildtrack, I'm getting an additional $6,590 in options in the order screen as compared to the B&P. I don't think this is dealer markup due to the other trims not have any differences. Can anyone confirm this...
  4. Test drove a Wildtrack - I'm sold. Here's pics and notes compared to my Sahara with 33s.

    Here's a quick comparo. Enjoy the pics and notes. This is a Wildtrack next to my Sahara. The Sahara is fitted with a Rubicon suspension and wheels/tires (33s), along with steel bumpers and side armor. Definitely a height advantage for the Wildtrack. The Bronco seats were GREAT and the thing...