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  1. Any company making an aftermarket Slide Out Tailgate Table?

    One of my favorite things about the Bronco launch was the Slide Out Tailgate Table that created a flat load in the cargo area while also extending the cargo area for laying in the back or for using as a table. Then Ford canceled it (or delayed it) and I’m wondering has any aftermarket company...
  2. Has anyone removed base seat upholstery yet?

    I have a BaseSquatch and I’m thinking about installing heated seat pads from Amazon on the butt and the back. Has anyone removed the cloth seating that could tell me how they’re attached. Mainly wondering if I have to mess with hog rings to pull this off or just clips and Velcro. .
  3. Vegas buying experience.

    I just picked up my beauty. A 4 door BaseSquatch with a soft top and as I recommended on this forum my salesman from a prior purchase, Rich Spah, I just wanted to commend them on how awesome they were. I got 4 updates on the train location from Rich as I was waiting. I never got a single doubt...
  4. Nevada Trade my base cloth 4 door plus cash for MGV Seats

    If you don’t like your vinyl seats in a 4 door and are near Vegas, I’d be willing to pay cash and do a trade for my cloth seats. Also looking for running boards if you upgrade yours.