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  1. Looking for Weekend offroading buddies in Jersey

    As the title says, need some offroading buddies to go wheeling with, as my other friend doesnt seem to be off-roading as much. Im usually not a morning person at all, but can try to be. This threads not just for me, figure others can find people to wheel with as well thanks for taking a look Mike
  2. Whats needed for a custom downpipe/hfc?

    Just curious, want to add more power and dont wanna wait, just fee like getting either a 200 cell or o2 sensor and having the shop next door fab me one. is there more to it then just paying for parts and labor or could I even cut the current one and just slap a smaller one to replace it...
  3. This Weekend: Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market

    Cya Sunday
  4. Modding the 2.3L Turbo

    Curious, anyone working on mods for our current turbos? Forget what’s replaced, but better quality parts so its still the stock unit on the outside, but newer and better parts for faster spool and less lag just asking outloud
  5. Downpipes

    Who's making them besides @Fast Intentions Inc. and how far along are they coming. Now I like we got options for the exhaust, but if I'm dropping $$$-$$$$, I want power, not sound, and next to a tune, you get a lot of bang for your buck from downpipes, be it hfc or catless. Being I had one in...
  6. Looking for a good price for Diode Fog kit install in NJ

    Long story short, one shop quoted me $387 for the install (kr diode kit), which Im not sure is good or not Looking for shops and options, just in case someone can do better thanks in advance
  7. Performance MT Fluid recommendations

    Figured since I asked about it here (#30), and neither Spit nor I were sure, time to ask here. Figure why not ditch the standard fluid and get Gold Standard Performance grade fluid, something vastly superior. Not sure it's even necessary, but can you put a price on peace of mind?
  8. Any advice for driving 12ish hours solo?

    Long story short, going to Jeep beach but leaving a day earlier than planned as my buddy from SoCar is joining us, so Im picking him up. Figure Id leave around 4-5am, then other than gas and food, should be there by the evening. Never did 12hrs though, longest was 8-10 and it was with my ex...
  9. Booze and Bonfires

    When and where are us owners gonna do this?
  10. Who has access to Forscan in Jersey?

    Looking to add sport mode and a few other things to my girl, just my laptop is slow as hell, so curious to see who here can help me out. Just let me know, and Ill come meetcha Merry Christmas btw
  11. Window sill cushions

    Tried of having to readjust my arm because the padding on the window sill is non existent when cruising, any viable solutions to put there so I dont have to consciously readjust my arm constantly?
  12. What bulb is this? (Vanity Mirror)

    Wanna upgrade my mirror lights, certain a few others here want to change theirs as well. Let me know, I'll order whatever will work soon
  13. Any 2dr Bestop owners? Looking for feedback

    Figure it's been long enough, looking for feedback as I got my Christmas bonus and am wondering whether to get it or wait for someone else to make a top. Let me know how you like it, and thanks for taking a look. Mike
  14. Soon you can be like everyone else! RTR Grille $750, I know im ordering one, hbu?
  15. Shift Knob and Boot ideas

    Love my girl, but wanna switch a few things up, customize her. Unfortunately, Redline Good's doesn't have the '21s listed, so next idea is to come here to find out what kind of boots could work, followed by knobs, as why not personalize her? Anyone have any ideas on where to begin, please let...
  16. BEST tree sap remover?

    Asking for my Buddy, had work done on his house so had to park his truck outside, and well; what do you guys recommend to take care of that? thanks in advance
  17. Ashley the Gypsy

    Basically copying and pasting it from my blog/Nation: Review here, Don't mind if it's a bit all over the place btw, just tired but promised to get it done: (Also, 10k word limit, so mod plans are in the link) _________________ It's been a long time coming, as mentioned here in last years...
  18. Question for the summer deliveries *Aka rooting out weak links*

    Even though the aftermarket is limited, we still have lifts, tires and lighting Now its said the 2.3’a weak link is the intercooler, and I suspect the 2.7 isnt far behind. Question is, has anyone noticed any heatsoak and power pulling when driving their stallions, whatever the situation was?
  19. Memes

    Post them
  20. Any manual upgrades yet?

    Short shifters Bushings Mounts Clutches Flywheels Stainless Steel Clutch lines