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  1. ZROADZ Roof Rack

    I came across a youtube video from ZROADZ, showing their Bronco build and their roof rack caught my eye. Looks interesting!!year=2021||make=FORD||model=BRONCO||submodel=BADLANDS
  2. Lightning Blue w/ XPEL PPF /Tint / Ceramic Coat and DYNOflex

    XPEL Ultimate+ Full body PPF XPEL Fusion+ Ceramic Coating XPEL Prime XR+ Tint (70% Windshield, 20% front door windows, 55% over factory tinted rear doors and hardtop windows) STEK DYNOflex Windshield protection film
  3. MIC Hardtops being Mix and Matched with 1.0 and 2.0 pieces?

    Anyone else noticing a mix of 1.0 and 2.0 MIC hardtop pieces? I picked my FE 4dr on 10/8/21 and noticed today, Ford might be combining MIC 1.0’s with MIC 2.0’s…mix and matching the two. My front panels and rear shell seem to be MIC 1.0’s, while my center section seems to be the 2.0. The 1.0’s...