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  1. Bronco's A/C vs other cars????

    Phoenix, and I’m very comfortable during my 3 PM commute 👍🏻
  2. Will 2021 BD rock rails fit on 2022 model?

    Exactly what I did. Used all my points from buying my BB and got a set from my local dealer. Basically 1/2 price
  3. Taking kids to Off Rodeo?

    Not sure how you check an 11 yr or 12 yr age without a birth certificate??? How old are you kid? 12 When’s your birthday? Jan 1 2020 OK… next… 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    Good to know. Thanks
  5. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    Does Normal mode downshift automatically too? I just came back from a trip to the mountains, and I thought it did that a couple of times for me??
  6. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    WHAT!!? Well there’s your problem. Keeps it nicely in the power band
  7. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    The Off Roadeo…. Drive a Bronco Event… Yep, a couple.
  8. Who hates their 10spd besides me?

    4,500 miles on my 2.3 Auto, and it shifts quickly and unnoticeably. No issues or hesitations.
  9. Manual button PSA

    Yep, I’ve bumped the +\~ buttons too,with a similar panic 😳
  10. Does the 2-Door actually exist?

    I spotted this one hiding under a canoe…
  11. RedDawg

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @Dr.Ross I don't think so.
  12. RedDawg

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    @HotdogThud They stick to the tailgate and fenders too.
  13. Arizona roll call!

    From the AZ Broncos FB group
  14. RedDawg

    ARIZONA Bronco Club From the AZ Bronco FB group
  15. I wish I ordered….

    I’m bummed I dropped the factory tow. I know I can still get it installed, just wish I left it on my build.
  16. I'm an Idiot or Going Insane [Updated With Final Location of Key Fob 🙀]

    I would like to officially petition the @Administrator to shut this thread down, and put us all out of our suffering and misery. Pull the plug, and call it.
  17. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    Yes! It took me a couple of tries to get the strap placement right, but it doesn’t budge. I haven’t been above 65 mph yet, but I did go down a pretty bumpy dirt road and it was fine. I have it strapped across at each cross bar, hood tie down and the fourth strap is on the canoe’s center crossbar...
  18. Let’s see your favorite picture of your Bronco!

    Just the canoe. And it’s the factory roof rack. I did move the cross bar to the forward spot. And strapped her down