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  1. Great dealership experience

    Wanted to put this out there cause I have seen a few posts about good dealerships but also about bad ones. Want people to know where to go if they are in the area. Just got my bronco yesterday. I ordered a base with 2.7 at $36k. With the new pricing that rolled out it was going to be $38k when...
  2. Give me the vin...

    Sorry if this doesn't belong here. Has anyone here sold to give me the vin? Considering using them to sell my car if the dealership gives me a bad number. Has anyone used this service? How did it go? Was there any issues that you ran into after giving them your car? Would love some details.
  3. Ford site not working?

    Went on to check on my order but the site isn't working. It won't let me enter my information (vin and order#). Is anyone else having this issue?
  4. Order Tracking - Ford Site

    I created a ford account to track and locate my car. I just got my VIN number today after emailing the dealership but it doesn't show that I have a purchase order under my name and email address. Do I have a reason to worry or am I just overly cautious at this point? I put a down payment down...