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  1. Everglades fans…lighting plans?

    I’m familiar with the fog light options for the modular bumper. But when I consider other lights for an an Everglades Edition, it seems like pod/ditch lights won’t fit on the passenger side due to the snorkel. And if I want to be able to take off the roof rails, I would need some quick connect...
  2. Everglades take rate?

    So, it’s been a couple weeks. Is anyone able to compile data on orders for these editions?
  3. A Good Guy is going to get my business

    In the meantime, who would like to guess which one? Choice A - Granger, Oct. 1st reservation (-$2000) Choice B - Chapman of Horsham. Late March reservation (-4%) Badlands, Eruption Green, 2 door, 2.3L, 7spd, Lux, roof rails, Tow
  4. Dumbest salesperson award

    Here is my entry. I test drove a 2door Big Bend with Sasq today. Afterwards, this person is standing around the vehicle with me, chatting about the Bronco. They must have remembered one point from their training memo and started describing the modularity of the vehicle. Are you ready? They...
  5. A bird in the hand? Buy one off the lot instead of waiting for my order?

    So with my late reservation dates, my Bronco is at least 6 months away. But I have found a Bronco for sale that is most likely a cancelled order. I love the trim, transmission, level of convenience package, and number of doors. The asking price seems to be nominally over MSRP, but I’m not in...
  6. Dodge Dakota convertible

    I was driving through town and saw one parked in a front yard with a FOR SALE SIGN on it. I never even knew these things existed so of course I had to stop. I didn’t get all the details, but they only came 2wd. This one has never been driven in the wintertime; owner is asking $4900...
  7. I drove a Bronco

    The first demo vehicle I saw, the sales manager wasn’t scheduling test drives. I stopped at a second local dealership and saw a 2021 Bronco, four door, Big Bend, 2.7L, soft top with AMB. The salesman was very chill and nice. He got me the keys and off I went. Here are some observations I made: -...
  8. Local dealer got their loaner program Bronco

    Wife is shopping to replace her Crosstrek, top three she is looking at is Mazda cx-?, Jeep Compass and Bronco Sport. On our way home I suggest we swing through the Ford lot to see if any sports were out. Right out in front of the doors, I see the soft top from so far away. O. M. G. A four door...
  9. Black Diamond photoshop request

    I've no experience at this. Can someone help me out and color the roof, wheels (and maybe the grill) WHITE? Bonus points for making the body everglades green or lightning blue. THANKS in advance!
  10. Happy Father’s Day, Bronco enthusiasts!

    Look what my son got me…
  11. Which will sound better with the top off - B&O with Lux or JBL sound bar?

    Sorry, folks, I didn't know how to create a poll. Based on our limited experience with either, I'm interested in your opinions. I figure some of you might have a general background to also draw an opinion from. Please share. I can't be the only one wondering this! 🤠
  12. Why its worth the upgrade from BD to BL (maybe)

    I'm sure we've done this before, but I needed to think about something other than gas prices, mpg, Webasto, etc... This post is my opinion, why it's worth it to order a Badlands over a Black Diamond...IF you are upgrading the wheels and tires anyways. All of these numbers are invoice pricing for...
  13. Koons Ford of Baltimore Bronco event

    I’m visiting Baltimore today. I’ll post more details later tonight.
  14. BD Squatch Vs. Badlands...with a twist

    I'm interested in some dispassionate opinions regarding this. I'm not really comparing apples to oranges here, more like oranges to tangerines. 2 door Black Diamond, 2.7L auto, mid package, roof rails, tow, mod top and Sasquatch. vs. 2 door Badlands, 2.7L auto, roof rails, tow, High package...
  15. Video request

    Dear Ford, We really loved seeing the Badlands Broncos bombing around in the desert. Can you make a video of a 2door Sasquatch and a 2door BB or BD (non squatched) doing some four wheeling together? K thnx bai.
  16. Baldy-locks and the 3 Sasquatches

    I enjoy these mental exercises and discussions where we compare models, so here comes one more. All of these are 2 door models, V-6 auto, roof rails, mid package, tow package. I’m calculating invoice pricing, Granger doc fee, delivery, -$2000 for the October deal. #1- Big Bend, Squatch, aux...
  17. Goodyear Territory specs...When do we get them??

    Who else is anxiously awaiting more information on the Sasquatch tires? Load rating? weight? Three peak winter rated? THE WORLD WAITS.
  18. Charging port locations?

    I was reviewing all the data looking for this. Aside from the upper dash ports included in the Lux package, what does the Bronco have?
  19. Front license plate bracket attachment location? How to buy steps that attach to the factory rock sliders?

    1. Where does the front license plate bracket attach to the modular bumper? 2. Where do we find the steps that attach to the factory rock sliders? (as seen on SEMA build)
  20. Hunting colors in my AO

    I convinced the wife to go for a ride with me today; my goal was to scope out the three closest Ford dealerships to me to see if I could lay my eyes on some good paint. Based on pictures on the internet, Cactus Gray is my #1 pick. Dealership #1. I saw OW and IS, which I’m not interested in...