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  1. MGV sucks

    I actually liked those...
  2. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Where did you see previews of a CO '23 Ranger? In one of the (several) color threads here, someone posted pretty genuine-looking color charts, and CO was gone from Bronco snd Ranger. 🙁 I hope that's wrong... Bronco Sport is made in Mexico alongside Maverick, so their colors will have a lot...
  3. Mississippi WTB BRONCO Playing Cards

    Got my Bronco in December, got my cards today. I would hold out for a bit...
  4. FINALLY GOT MY BRONCO RAPTOR!!!! (Video Game Version)

    Or yelling "Movie!" in a crowded firehouse...
  5. Cousin shared a photo - 30kADM

    Not even a little bit. But I did own a small business for 10 years, and I understand how it works. But go ahead and be mad that market value is more than you want to pay. I’m sorry life isn’t more fair to you.
  6. GearShade SunShade Tops for Broncos

    In what way are they not cutting it? Are they breaking? Coming loose? Just flopping around too much?
  7. Cousin shared a photo - 30kADM

    I guess this is how the dealers have always felt when you bought a vehicle for $15k under MSRP to get old stock off their lots. You guys weren’t complaining about that, were you? And if you sell your house for double what you paid for it 5 years ago, does that make you disgusting and greedy?
  8. GearShade SunShade Tops for Broncos

    Someone posted these bungees earlier. I recommend going with these long ones, because if you need one to be shorter you can always pull the knot up through the ball and trim the cord shorter. If you have one that’s too short, there’s nothing you can do about it… 15” bungee cords
  9. Azure Gray metallic tri-coat cost is insane - $99 5!!!

    Have you seen an example of the Azure on a vehicle? Or at least a picture?
  10. For 6 months I've been driving uncomfortable

    Okay, not the worst thing in the world... I'll keep it in mind.
  11. For 6 months I've been driving uncomfortable

    Looks pretty good. Price? The problem with this is it defeats the purpose of the headrest. Despite the name, it's not there to rest your head on. It's there to prevent your neck from snapping backward if you get rear-ended. By flipping it backward, it pretty much negates any support you...
  12. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    Even if Yellowstone becomes available (which I don't think it will, unless it's on a Heritage Edition), from the samples people have posted it just looks to me like Caterpillar Yellow, and belongs on bulldozers, not Broncos. I hope I'm wrong...
  13. Soft top; You’re doing it wrong!

    Good point. I noticed that the first time I rode in the back seat. But since we got our Gear Shade mesh top, it’s no longer a problem… 😁
  14. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    I’d be nervous if I were in your position. ☹️ There were rumors last year that CO wouldn’t be continued for ‘22, and as we waited for a production date we thought we might not make the cut. Cyber Orange was literally the thing that drew my wife away from another Explorer and toward the Bronco...
  15. Ford Says New Versions / Variants of F-150, Maverick And Bronco Are Coming

    So... they should just shut everything down and stop development completely until the chips arrive for the Dirt Mountain Broncos? And also don't bother building and delivering Broncos they do have parts for?
  16. Ford Says New Versions / Variants of F-150, Maverick And Bronco Are Coming

    Most of us just use a tissue for that...
  17. Old Montauk vs New Montauk

    Pics or it didn't happen...😉
  18. Ford Says New Versions / Variants of F-150, Maverick And Bronco Are Coming

    The whole article is pretty vague. The headline may as well be… ”Breaking News: Auto Manufacturer Internally Discussing Possible Future Vehicles” 🙄