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  1. Dropping Constraints

    I didn’t drop anything and was willing to wait. I don’t see any rhyme or reason to how these things are getting built. I was lucky.
  2. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    This is terrible. Very curious to hear what happens with insurance.
  3. How long do you plan to own your new Bronco?

    I hope I want to keep it forever. I bought a WT so it would be good to go for anything I might want to do without major modification. After the warranty is up and I get a new daily driver, I plan to have a little more fun with it.
  4. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack For Your Bronco

    That makes sense. Thank you.
  5. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack For Your Bronco

    I didn’t see the paxrax alone on the website. Is there a way to order just that if I already have the rack?
  6. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack For Your Bronco

    I just got my shipping notice and had a question- if I didn't order the Paxrax but decide to add it later, will it be a very involved process? Wondering if I should just go for it now, even if i don't have a use for them yet.
  7. Market adjustment fees

    I would contact them now to find out. My dealer provided a price sheet when I re-entered my order for MY22 and held to that pricing.
  8. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Should have shared this, from a little outing last week near Lochloosa, FL
  9. Hood flutter above 65 MPH

    I just noticed some movement in my hood at 75-80mph last Friday. Was going to search the forum and this was already trending this AM. Will need to get some video of it.
  10. Lochloosa

    I took a short drive around Lochloosa with my friend to give the Thor his first off-road taste. Best part was a little wet patch at the end. Full (short) Lochoosa video here.
  11. Bronco seats uncomfortable?

    Only 950 mi into my WT, but I love the seats so far.
  12. Broncy McBroncFace Build

    Agreed. I especially like the color with the A51. I have a WT in A51 and wish we could have gone with a straight tan or brown interior.
  13. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Hopefully the situation will continue to improve in terms of supply and delivery.
  14. Mud Flaps recommendations?

    I installed the front set of Rokbloks flaps on my Wildtrak this morning. Was a little challenging since I just turned the wheels and don't have excellent tools. Probably took me a solid hour, and fortunately I didn't have to repeat any steps. I used the video instructions and found them easy to...
  15. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    There doesn't seem to be any clear way to predict when yours will be delivered. I reserved 9/20, placed first order 1/21, and then reconfirmed 10/21. Made no changes to speed up delivery and received it end of June. Knowing your dealer's allotment info might help, but that doesn't seem entirely...
  16. Question for the lucky SOB’s that have their Broncos!!

    I think the difference is the removable top. The holes in vented seats could pose a problem for people riding with top off, etc. risk/reward not there for Ford.
  17. Moab and Back

    This was a great report. I look forward to some nice road trips in the future. I also loved Moab Off-roadeo. Any other accessories that you wish you had, besides what you mentioned?
  18. I feel you are not officially a Bronco 6G owner until…

    My wife did this the other day, and she is not a car person.
  19. TrailRax Modular Roof Rack Development & Details

    I just placed my order this AM. Looking forward to adding it. I appreciate the thoroughness of the answers to questions here.
  20. Camera view question - tire view only available in certain GOAT mode?

    Yes- you have to be in 4L to get the full array of view options, though I did once get the front cam to stay on while in 4H. This was during off-roadeo. I haven't taken mine off-road yet, but I did test the 4L camera thing and it still applies. You can do this directly without using a GOAT mode.