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  1. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    Maybe OP found himself on this test rig
  2. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    What kind of shopping carts do you guys have in MD? Never seen one that'll snap tie rod straight in half and break a lower control arm/steering knuckle where I'm from.
  3. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    Awe man that's a huge bummer. :( Hopefully they can get it fixed up for you though. Looks like it took a pretty good hit.
  4. B-R-O-N-C-O Lights on sale

    Order placed
  5. B-R-O-N-C-O Lights on sale

    I'd be interested in one of those sets.
  6. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Ford just notified me that my Bronco that I took delivery of on Saturday just rolled off the assembly line! Crazy how that works!
  7. Another Goodyear Rock Throwing Thread...

    Mine picks up and throws rocks after driving over a road that's under construction by my place. I'm not even driving down the road, just across it. I do have some flaps on mine so I don't think it gets to the doors at all but I still hate having them go flying into the wheels wells.
  8. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Stopped at the dealer and can confirm she has arrived. They haven't done PDI yet so I'm going back tomorrow morning to pick it up!
  9. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Must be nice to have a dealer that tells you things. Mine was delivered yesterday, not a word from my dealer. I texted this morning and no response. Taking a half day and driving up there after work. This is the last vehicle I will be buying from them, they made sure of that.
  10. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Tracker says my Bronco is delivered but my dealer hasn't said anything yet... Think I'll need to give them a call tomorrow. I also never got an email telling me it shipped, I only know because I check the tracker way to much.
  11. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    My Bronco is officially in transit! LETS GO
  12. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    I think we're all aware of this stuff by now, but given that @akerman1 was in the same boat as you and I with a Lux WT, and all 3 of us have been in the same fake built status for over a month, and the fact that he shipped yesterday, I would say is a good sign. All our builds would theoretically...
  13. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Similar to mine then except I'm a 2D. Hopefully the fact that yours shipped means they're finishing up the other builds from our week as well. I think yours is the first WT shipped from our build week. Fingers crossed the rest of us get some shipped emails soon.
  14. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    This is great news! What equipment package do you have?
  15. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    My money's on lip service
  16. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Ah, well the number of days makes sense then but that shouldn't be labeled "Time In Status" if that's the case. Should be called "time in production" or something like that.
  17. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    Mine says 69 days but both of us were "Built" 6/8 so its really only 40. Really don't know where these time in status numbers are coming from.
  18. 🔍 New Bronco Order Tracker (Status, Shipping, Window Sticker & More)

    @AndIAreSo What do these actual and estimated dates from the last update you made mean? I've been in this status since 6/8, so 40 days. The estimated time is 10 days shorter and the actual time is 30 days longer.
  19. 🛠 5/16/22 Build Week Group

    yea I don’t get that either. Mine says 67 and I’ve been built since 6/8