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  1. Need help installing Rough country tailgate support

    I left the door on as well with shims…I figured out the optical jack -it does disconnect. The bolts provided by rough country that replace the factory bolts on the hinge are not tapered on the ends like the factory. It makes threading them very difficult. I didn’t want to strip the nuts so I...
  2. Need help installing Rough country tailgate support

    So after seeing the videos and using the rough country directions , I cannot identify this plug. How do “umplug” this wire harness ? It does not look like the ones in the video …
  3. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    Yes, buying a salvage title vehicle can have some advantages ...but there are several diadvantages... Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for a vehicle with a salvage title....most lenders will not finance a salvage titled vehicle, and some state inspectors basically take "extra...
  4. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    When I hear people thinking it’s okay to question the OP intentions - I get angry. Through no fault of his—his brand new vehicle is involved in a major collision—the vehicle is damaged and it’s current and future value use are severely Impacted —that’s 100% the reality and the simple...
  5. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    I would suggest placing an order today …start the clock on getting a new one …just in case …if repairs aren’t to expensive or make your rig less reliable long-term keep it but It’s value has definitely been impacted forever. Cars / trucks with 1 accident are often not even considered for...
  6. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    Definitely not a shopping cart accident. Take a second look…the vehicle frame is clearly twisted … So Sorry for the OP. At least you weren’t in the vehicle and are okay.
  7. Article: Wrangler still outsells Bronco 2 to 1. Here's why.

    I have owned a couple generations of jeeps up to a current 392 rubicon —-and now a 2021 Wildtrak ….I’m loving the 2021 Bronco but it has some issues (and strengths) that need some attention and further development. My 2021 Jeep has needed zero issues to be fixed or addressed in over a year of...
  8. Finally new wheels and tires for my Bronco

    Damn. That looks great. Talk about a makeover …well done
  9. Ford Bronco Raptor Style grill LEDS Kit

    Hey Everybody- I am not sure I want to pretend I have a bronco raptor—but I do like the increased visibility (to other drivers)— Has anyone here installed this product ? Any feedback would be appreciated—
  10. Big Bend Katzkin Leather

    what katzkin colors were used? I have ordered as my accent color---but your picture seems to be a grat match with the fctory sandstone dash/door panels
  11. Depressed and Frustrated (WARNING: Reservation Rant inside)

    I fianlly received my 2021 Bronco in April/May of was built in dec 2021.....sat on ice, mud, dirt mountain for @4-6 months....6 weeks of that could have been at a train one knows or isn't saying .....Reading what you shared brought me back to the roller coaster of buying...
  12. WISH LIST: What is your biggest Bronco desire for future iterations?

    Biggest wish for future broncos is for FORD to “deliver all ordered broncos on time and without sitting in ice , mud, or dirt mountain.” It’s a big ask….let’s see what ford does to deliver Cheer
  13. Carbonized Gray XPEL Stealth PPF Wrapped Badlands, 20" Fuel Wheels, 37" Nitto Ridge Grapplers, 4" Lift.

    Looks definitely dropped some $ on this build. In your opinion how does it drive after the mods? I am curious about the 37's impacting performance and mileage ----My 21 bronco feels pretty good with 35's----I am consdering 37's but not sure the stock 2.7 will be okay for city and...
  14. Katzkin Seats Covers with Suedezkin---Need Feedback and opionions

    Hey Everybody-- Looking to add Katzkin Seat covers on my 21 Wildtrak---I have seen (only in pictures--- a katzkin product called Suedezkin...looks like alcantara ??? ) I enjoy Alcantara (or Fords version) on my raptor seats...very comfortable, breathes well, pretty easy to keep clean) and...
  15. CA front plate wrap solution

    @ $39 on Amazon and it uses factory bolts. It doesn’t block my cameras or cruise that I am aware of … Looks okay as well. It’s Aluminum and meets CA requirements.
  16. Engine Fan -running hot? How to clean the Radiator?

    Check if the electric louvers are opening. Mine was a little hot (like 225-230) and I cleaned the louvers with gentle water and soap. My temp dropped down to 198-205 pretty much all the time except long uphill climbs. Still the temp on mine only gets 220 at the highest. Imo. I had some...
  17. Swarfworks Mount, KC Slim LED's turned out nice!

    Did the factory Bronco bumper bolts not work when mounting your new push bar? I noticed you used different bolts...just curious ---Thanks
  18. Swarfworks Mount, KC Slim LED's turned out nice!

    Looks real Good...I ordered one of the swarfworks mounts as well. I may modify / trim or remove the interior bolts on the factory safari push bar so the Swarfworks bar can sit flush on the ocd hates seeing that gap between the bumper and the mount.....and I always enjoy a little...
  19. Minnesota BadgeSlide Gloss Black script bronco badge

    Hi---Are they the same size as the bronco depot ? they have 3m tape on the back? thank you