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  1. My 2900 Mile Bronco Journey

    Wait, is this a thing? Is mileage better in the mountains? I’ve been averaging 20mpg with about an equal amount of in town and highway driving. I do live in the mountains but I don’t really understand how that makes a difference, I’m curious! In any case 20mpg for a capable off road vehicle...
  2. Lady drivers. Jeep YJ phenomenon?

    Wooooow! Women DRIVING?!? How unnerving indeed. Quick! Run to the forums and seek affirmation that you are still a man even though you’re buying a car that women would drive.
  3. 2022 Bronco Super Celebration- Scenic Drive in Beautiful Tennessee!

    I would love to see your set up for tethering your dogs with the top and door off, I’ve been thinking about that since having the seats folded down leaves the dogs pretty elevated. I have the same issue with my dog and wildlife, I don’t trust that he wouldn’t hurl his body out of the car at 50...
  4. Anybody take delivery of your Bronco and now have buyer's remorse?

    You hit it on the nose, I’ve only owned trucks my entire life and I keep marveling about how zippy and small the bronco feels, and what good gas mileage it gets 😆 For truck people this *is* a luxury car
  5. Anybody take delivery of your Bronco and now have buyer's remorse?

    the opposite, I’ve actually developed the urge to start hoarding Broncos since I’ve taken mine home.
  6. As follow up to the buyer's remorse post - Anybody's wife/husband balking at you getting your Bronco as delivery approaches?

    I suppose you could finance some and invest the money, might make it hurt less? marriage and finances is tricky and there’s a lot of ways to crumble that cookie, but we make our fun purchases with our own money and leave out the judgement on what the value is to the person making the purchase...
  7. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    I love this version! Where did you pick these up?
  8. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    It is! I moved here from the PNW and I have to admit it’s so much nicer here It’s also hard to beat the amount of Public land there is to explore- worth putting on the list!
  9. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    Picked her up this last weekend!! I couldn’t be happier! Word to anyone who hasn't received theirs yet… order mudflaps now. The way this bronco throws rocks…. I sounded like I was running a machine gun when I got on the freeway after a *short* gravel ride. regardless, worth the wait!!
  10. Air Down Advice - Schnebly Hill/Black Gap Trails

    I just went out there for a climb! Honestly we didn’t air down at all, it would have made it more comfortable of a ride but just seemed like a bit of a hassle, so I would air down only as much as needed for comfort but could still easily make it to the gas station to reinflate afterwards. This...
  11. Dreaded 99 Priority Code

    I thought the MIC was no longer a constraint item?
  12. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    Oh yeah sorry! I think I updated a different tracker and thought I did this one! I received the shipped email 3/21 with an estimated delivery of 3/30-4/5. My dealer said they should get a 72 hour notice before it arrives and they would call. Still no word for them so I'm crossing my fingers for...
  13. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    Finally received my Built email yesterday! No mention of chip shortage or it being partially built, so I think it might be a completely built vehicle? Is that fantastical thinking? EDD of 3/30-4-5 I would update the spreadsheet but I’m on a trip without my laptop!
  14. Ford will ship Broncos without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    I spend enough time following world news to understand all of this is considered relatively minor inconveniences. All you can do is shrug and be grateful that your problems aren’t worse problems. However I also think it bizarre to read how many people believe there’s *no* issue here or not see...
  15. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    I think there’s a whole slew of 21’s yet to be delivered- I still haven’t gotten even a built email
  16. Ford will ship Broncos without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    you don’t understand the issue with being charged $5000+ dollars for features you don’t receive on a last years model car that you pay full price for? I didn’t realize the bar was so low for a happy customer, as a business owner I’m starting to wonder if I try too hard…
  17. Completely Out of Order

    I seem to be going backwards, still in production status and I used to have at EDD of 4/05 but now the EDD has disappeared completely. Has this happened to anyone else? ** 12/6 build date
  18. Avoid 4wheelparts: 2 door bronco side steps poor experience

    You’re mad because they were damaged in shipping and they didn’t let you them keep them for free 🤔 I only see one unreasonable party here.
  19. Help! I've sold my car & my build date changed 3 months

    Make your husband drive you everywhere. Win win
  20. 🛠 12/6/21 Build Week Group

    ford won’t even push an email in our direction 🙄 so not holding my breath