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  1. Frustration with "Stuck in Production" Broncos (Vent thread)

    I have seen a ton of (rightful) frustration towards Ford on the mishandling of these builds that have been stuck at MAP for months all the way back to our DM 1.0 brothers and sisters. Why is @Ford Motor Company being so tight lipped about all of this? We all know COVID/supply chain have caused a...
  2. Window Stickers Gone

    A bunch of folks, including myself, in the 10/25 build week group have noticed that our window stickers are not showing. It has reverted back to the, "Please check back later," page. I know a lot of us that week got blue stickers for some reason even though we are not stock orders. Possible they...
  3. 📬 8/26 Scheduling Email Received Group!

    I finally got in!! 9/20 build date! Who else got the golden ticket!!! EDIT: my complete build is in my signature but 7/21/20 res date since people seem to want that