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  1. Will you be switching tops?

    I think you need an option that would allow the choice of a painted top, in addition to the MIC and soft top offerings.
  2. AMP Research power steps backordered? - get them now...

    Nicely done, and thank you for sharing. One question, who makes your front bumper?
  3. Sneak peek of our new bumpers and 3rd brake light (KHC OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE).

    Nicely done. I do appreciate the attempts to keep the weight down, and I don't think your way of accomplishing that looks bad at all. Both the front and back bumpers have a clean, close to the body look, with high wings allowing for your tires to hit obstacles easily. I also like how you have...
  4. Heading east on a solo trip..

    Bear Spray...
  5. Tickle My Bronco is giving away a 2021+ Bronco Mud Guards!

    As I don't have a Bronco yet, though it has been ordered since April '21, this image will have to do... But know that a set of mud guards would be just what I need to put my truck over the edge of cool...
  6. Adding Jeep Rubicon rails to Bronco stock rock sliders

    Nice work TD, they turned out really well and at a price that is considerably less than what is available via the retail side.
  7. In lot Broncos at MSRP?

    I know of no dealer that have sold an in lot Bronco at MSRP?
  8. Would you sell your Bronco and order a MY23?

    I may not have a choice as I am still 400 days into my build date, so I could end up getting a 2023 as I may not get a 2022.
  9. Ford Marketing Finally Told Me The Truth

    Hey, you are doing way better than a lot of us, we don't even have a build date, so I have a hard time sympathizing with you...
  10. Is it wise as a newcomer to off roading to go to the Off-Rodeo alone?

    Go alone, you will meet many like minded people, you will have a heck of a good time, really learn the capabilities of your Bronco, and maybe, just maybe, you will have the guide ride with you for the day...
  11. Broncos Rock Crawling in Moab, Utah // The Carnage Chronicles

    Nice driving and if I must say, best colour ever!
  12. RAKET “Multi-Top” Roof Rack coming soon - Q&A + Input

    How about a tool-less removal and install. Thumb/wing nuts ...
  13. In need of advice on how to proceed with my current bronco situation..

    No worries. I do feel for the OP, but a signed Sales Order will unfortunately, get you nothing. The fact the dealer would not provide a PA is a strong sign to go elsewhere. My dealer provided a signed PA with no questions or hesitations.
  14. In need of advice on how to proceed with my current bronco situation..

    Unfortunately he does not have a signed Purchase Agreement, he only has a signed Sales Order, and that means nothing from a legality standpoint.
  15. Any Ideas on When the Ford Website Will be Updated for MY23?

    It may be mid August from what I have read, but take that with a grain of salt...
  16. New Vendor Suma Performance & Convex Mirrors Pre-Order Sale

    I am definitely interested.
  17. Back from the dealer still not fixed

    I am curious, what 3.5" lift did you get Ford to install, and what was the price for the installation (if youi don't mind me asking)?
  18. Tricky Dick's Epic Southern Adventure

    Hey Tricky Dick, The first thing you need to do, before all else, is to get a nice big Bronco sticker, lettered in the same colour as your truck of course, and place it over the name on your trailer. Then you will be good to go and have fun...
  19. Unwanted Bronco Order about to be Delivery.

    You should definitely do the right thing and take delivery of it, then offer it to someone on this site that has been waiting the longest! Selling price of course would be just enough to cover all of your costs...